Monday, July 30, 2007

Titles, Topics & Comments

More and more comments are being 'posted' that have absolutely nothing to do with the TITLE (or 'content' if you do not understand the word TITLE) of the article to which it is being attached.

Such 'comments' will NOT be published. Which is too bad as some are really well thought out and cogent. (And then some aren't!) Since I have no way to contact ANON comment posters, these comments are just left hanging in limbo.

This is a LARGE blog. If what you wish to comment on does not pertain to the stated topic or title of THE CURRENT ARTICLE, then look to the 'links' or 'tags', in all likelihood you will find an appropriate spot for your comment.

Some 'comments' read like a press release! If you have something that you think would be of interest to the readers of The HamFanz Grudge Report, then by all means, email it to: and it will be evaluated.

Lastly, some of these comments belong in the realm of 'chatter'. In which case, feel free to join the HamFanz Yahoo Group (link is on this page). Where your gossip and chatter will probably find at least one or two other interested folks.

If you post a 'comment' and find it did not get 'posted', (and it is not full of death threats, foul language, or is otherwise unacceptable) in a reasonable amount of time, you might want to try re-posting it, perhaps it did not 'go through'. Then look to one of the above solutions.


Edward Haskell said...

Well put, Evvy. Some of these "hams" couldn't write a response with an extra-large crayon. The hobby hasn't been just dumbed down -- it's plain DUMB! Too many brewskys at 7:00 a.m. -- 88's, Ed

Anonymous said...

You could at least take what I wrote last night and put it into another blog article instead of getting all worked up over it and snapping off people's heads who are trying to submit good converstaion to the blog. Or maybe a "comments to the blog owner column". I know when I am crossing the line into bad taste, libel, or drivel and I dont plan to. Some may not like it, but posting as anon works for me. 73 AND GOOD LUCK IN THE CONTEST

evvy garrett said...

Anon wrote:

>>>You could at least take what I wrote last night and put it into another blog article

And how in the hell do I know who 'YOU' are and what 'YOU' wrote?

Do you think you are the ONLY person that posts comments as ANON??

Do you think The HamFanz Grudge Report gets ONLY one Anon comment in any 24 hr. period?

I do not plagerize even ANON comments to 'put it into another blog article'.

>>>"You could at least...

Are you totally NUTSO?

-You take what you wrote and put it somewhere.
-Start your own blog.
-Obtain over 50,000 hits from all over the world.
-Get some balls and post using your name.
-Learn to write sentences that are not 'run-on'.
-Get a 'clue'.
-Make a Donation!


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