Monday, July 16, 2007

Next Professional Moves for Art Bell w6obb?

It will be Satellite radio, of course! My guess is he has wanted to do this for a long, long time. It would ‘cement’ his standing as a highly rated ‘Talk Show Host’. The only questions are when and what?

The ‘when’ will not be until he bores of playing checkers with his child bride and changing baby diapers. Art does not seem to tolerate ‘retirement’ well, having retired so many times, this is a given.

Will he do a ‘clone’ of Coast-to-Coast AM, or strike off in a new direction when he signs with Satellite? My guess is that he will stick with the ‘paranormal’ but only cover people and topics of HIS choosing, as in his early shows from Vegas. We shall see...

Then there are always ‘cameo’ TV & movie rolls. No doubt, the offers keep rolling in. (Or maybe they do not – now that his true character has emerged.)

Finally, it has been a long time since he has composed a badly written, ghost authored, book. I have been telling him for years that I know what his next book should be, but he has never contacted me! Wonder why? It is moot now, as the content of his next book should be obvious. I just hope that this time he contracts with a better ghost author.

If Art Bell wants to promote (brag) about any or all of the above, or get any valid American input from peers, he will have to get back on Amateur Radio – it just isn’t the same vicariously, though your newest wife, Airyn Bell, or your brother-in-law Carl Richardson kb5fjx.

As for the rest of you Hams and SWL’s, your professional lives might be of interest also if it in some way dovetails into ‘radio’! If so, at least post a comment.

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Palomar Jack said...

Well, let's see. On second thought, I'll skip it. You've made it abundantly clear in the past that you're too smart to have an amateur license so I guess there's no credibility here to comment on anyway.

Off to other things...


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