Friday, July 13, 2007

Art Bell w6obb, A Charitable Foundation?

Now that artie has ‘paid’ for three Philippine women to be wives of Hams (Carl kb5fjx, artie w6obb, and now Ben kd5bcw), I cannot help but wonder if artie is setting up a charitable foundation of some type?

If so, I wonder if artie is now formally taking applications for this service? (OK, fess up! Who is next?) Has he applied for the proper state and federal credentials? Tax Exemption Status?

Another thought, has N.O.W. contacted him regarding equality of opportunity? I mean, what about FEMALE Hams? Along the same lines, why has artie not sponsored SWL’s needing to find a woman of servitude? I am sure there are a lot of old sicko male pedophiles SWL’s out there; are they not eligible? (And, let’s face facts, a 60 something male marrying a 20 something female IS a pedophile of sorts.)

So in future months, are we going to see a .pdf application for a FREE Philippine wife available on the Coast-to-Coast AM website? Would the requirements be: An uneducated divorced white male who has nothing to offer any woman except a green card, been brown nosing artie for years, and whose only thoughts for a wife and companion are spurious and sexual?

Craig’s List would be a lot cheaper, simpler, and straightforward...


Bilitzniklik said...

Evvy, points well taken. However, there's a difference between charitable foundations, and bona fide dating services for ham radio operators (BFDSHRO). As I understand it, the E-Harmony dating service matches people on the basis of compatibility, in multiple domains. So, the next question is, what are the standards? Well, they've got to include include ham radio, the high desert, space aliens, Hale-Bopp, etc. It's a niche market of sorts, but also a value-added service that the ARRL can't or won't provide. Hiram Percy Maxim lost a lot of ground, squarely focused on tuned feeders. In closing, hams are trendsetters, and BFDHROs are the wave of the future.

Anonymous said...

Queen of the cheap shot! You haven't found anyone to spend your life with and are unhappy so everyone else should be also.

bilitzniklik said...

Oh, please stop. Evvy's keeping an otherwise BORING hobby interesting. She shore got YORE attention, pardner! Run along now; put on yer headphones and start the leaf blower. There's work to be done.


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