Wednesday, February 23, 2005

And the best Director goes to...

The performers and the directors (and don't doubt for a second that it was both DIRECTED and a performed by many!) last night on 3.840 should get some kind of award. Like a burning brown bag on their doorsteps?

Now I'm not the brightest 'bulb' on the block (or after listening to these folks, perhaps I am!) but did NO ONE else notice the serendipitous timing of these recent events---

Monday night, artie - w60bb was distributing, via email, to some of his minions, x-cording; an easy and simple program any dummy could use to record mp3 files, like the antics on 3.840. (He also gave out instructions on how to install the program.)

Tuesday night, very early in the evening; artie - w60bb informed one and all (Big Ben - kd7bcw, Melba Mac - w7lw, and any other of the early bird HAMS), that the FCC would be monitoring the 3.840 frequency on this very evening. You could almost see the bobbing heads moving in astute agreement.

Then as the evening wore on with mind numbing boring conversation, artie, big ben, melba mac, and others gradually and quietly left the 3.840 frequency. Did they go elsewhere or were they monitoring???

Lo and behold billy the bill collector - n6ayj, was left all alone. Well, he might as well have been alone, he was trying to bloviate (and despite being a lawyer, he is NOT a bloviater!) TO timmie the tactless - n6mza.

Both of these HAMS were claiming OUTLAW status from the 3840 HAMS group. Claiming a kinship of sorts, they were encouraging, wheedling, enticing, and inviting SteveO - kg6txh to join them on air. And their prey took the bait.

Slowly, one by one, a few of the other regulars joined in: GU ki5gu, Greg the voice of unreason - w6ezv, Robolon - ke7bbx, and National City Bill - wb6bnq.

As SteveO became more & more intoxicated with whatever his favorite substance is, his rantings became more intense, repetitive, and non-sensical. It was painful to listen too actually, and sad. (And SteveO, you really should buff up that profanity vocabulary...there really are more than Carlin's 7 words.)

While a couple of the HAMS actually tried in subtle, half-hearted, ways to 'disarm' the situation, it was much too late for that. The 'plan' was in full swing, the recorders were recording away, as SteveO lost any control he may have thought he had, of himself and/or others. With the help, of course, of many of the participants, who fanned the fires with glee.

It was still going full-tilt, when I opted for bed. One has to wonder if these folks other favorite pastimes are watching S/M videos or going out on the south forty and shooting the livestock in the legs while gathering up the stuff for the brown bags...



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Do you really think Steve needs that much help to go over the edge? I think the evening started out much simpler when "Steve Wing-nut" started drinking. The outcome of the evening was determined then.
This fool has no place on ham radio.

Mark K6FEJ


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