Monday, May 22, 2006

Happily Ever After

I have been looking at this picture of Art Bell and his new bride Airyn Bell since it was posted on about a week ago. It bothered me, REALLY bothered me! Since then I have been debating with myself about this picture; say what I feel, or keep my sentiments to myself? Then, an email started making the rounds, about this very topic.

So this Grudge Report is a ‘little’ different, as it is my feelings about this picture, and therefore, about this marriage. And the reason is, my immediate reaction to the above picture was shock and NAUSEA!

Having been abused in my life by many men, and in so very many ways, I know ‘the look’. Airyn has it.

This is no routine, happy, newlywed picture. This is a picture of a young, woman who is STUNNED; she looks just like a deer caught in headlights, unbelievably surprised, and not seeing any way out.

This is a picture an old man, gloating, controlling, demanding, and ENJOYING it. This is a picture of a man with no morals, perhaps even a deranged or malevolent man.

This is a picture of good and evil. Ladies, what say you?


Kent said...

Geez, evvy, that is a lot to read from a picture.

Bill Crowell, W6WBJ said...

I can't believe how ugly Fart is.

Freddie said...

I'm no lady but I have to agree with you. Glad to see you decided to speak your feelings.

Freddie said...

Evvy, I appreciate your insite and your desire to speak your feelings but can't help but wonder why you were abused by many men. I mean, after the first one or two, wouldn't you know better?

Freddie said...

I have to side with Billy on Art's uglyness. What makes it worse is his gloating "look at me and the young one I got".

evvy said...

Freddie Wrote:

>>>I appreciate your insite and your desire to speak your feelings but can't help but wonder why you were abused by many men. I mean, after the first one or two, wouldn't you know better?

A Valid question: I was actually waiting for it. And the answer is simple: there are many types of abuse, each one is 'new' to you, and has to be leaned to be avoided. And some just can't be avoided, ie rape. But this subject is one I feel is not appropriate to fully reply to here. Watch 'evvy's Blog' ( ) for a reply, eventually..

Bill Crowell, W6WBJ said...

Evvy, I'll bet mens' feelings toward women are just about as negative as the womens' feelings toward men that you are speaking of. I understand that you feel betrayed by men, but let me assure you that many men also feel betrayed by women. Male/female relations are the pits these days, and neither sex is very happy with the situation. But why should this be so surprising? Men and women are totally different, and there's no reason to believe that they can get along naturally, in the absence of some overriding need to do so (i.e., economics). Maybe it's better if men and women just avoid each other. IMHO, they simply have to dissemble and pretend that they like each other too much in order to get along at all. As a result, both sides wind up acting crazy, and then they both have to pretend their partner is not acting crazy in order to stay together. It's just a lot more trouble than it's worth. I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that I am not interested in fulfilling womens' expectations of me, and they are apparently not interested in fulfilling my expectations of them.

Freddie said...

I like the revamp of the "players page". Only thing I would add is for Art Bell. Add..... and then renarried 3 months after her death."


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