Saturday, November 06, 2004

On The Right Hand Of ???

I first noticed the change between one and two weeks ago. Perhaps it happened during that week when my computer was down (not being one of those folks that have 17 of 'em, as Artie not so subtly brags he has!)

But, I digress... The thing is, there is a difference on . If anyone has noticed it, I haven't heard about it, either on air, via email, or on our list (New members always welcome!).

The exit of Karen Larrimore w6so has occurred without a whimper, compared to her solar flare entrance a few short months ago! An event much heralded, welcomed by Art Bell w6obb.

Karen Larrimore w6so, can still be heard on 3840 once in awhile in the early evenings (usually long before Art's golden voice hits the ethers.)

Hmmm. Could this be because Artie is now as cold as ice to Karen, that is, even if he is polite enough to respond, which he often isn't. I mean, is there a reason for this??? OTHER than the OBVIOUS??? )

Anyway, as soon as I returned with a working computer, (thanks to a local HAM), I checked out . I noticed right away that Karen's picture 'spot' had moved from it's month's long position just to the right of, and beside, Art Bell's top row middle position to mid-way down the page. Then, a few days later, I noticed there was NO pic spot for Karen at all! And so it's been ever since. I know because I check.

The 'line-up' was thus: Top row, Paul w7mag ( owner and neighbor/friend of Art), Artie, and Karen. Paul to the left of Artie, Karen to the right.

It would seem that Karen has lost her 'Right hand of Art' status! (Not that she ever 'requested' it.) But, who will take her place??? Does she want it back??? (Hard to imagine as she's so seldom on frequency anymore.) Did she ever want it to begin with???

Perhaps Karen is again on vacation? Or is there now 'infighting' behind the scenes for this 'coveted' position? Of course, Artie has the only say in this matter.

But, ahhh, the questions left by a flash in the pan...


Anonymous said...

I don't intend on being mean-spirited, but you seem to have a sick, perverted view of the world.

Oh well, blog away -- have your silly fun. (Never mind the people you may harm with this silly tripe.)

This was my first visit here and it will definitely be my last, so don't even bother replying to my comment.

evvy said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You know its great entertainment listening to everyone. Even the stupid shit. But I have to say I grew up in a violent area when I was younger in Detroit. Then joined the bike clubs in my twenties and so on. But it wasnt till I had my first child I understood how much life ment to me.

Yes folks..its "JUST RADIO" remember that! No one is getting hurt by the comments or should receive threats or drive byes because of the way they act. Some of us are taking it way to harsh. Starting to get physical.
If this happens to you because you cant handle the pot shots???... you need to push the off button on the radio call it a night.

So remember no matter how much Steve or Jim anyone else is talking shit. Or vice versa...
Thats is all it is "Talk"!
No gets hurt. Nothing gets damanaged.
We get to talk again tomorrow....

Thats my grudge....its "Just Radio"
Radio entertainment.

Happy Holidays from the MidWest!


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