Friday, November 26, 2004

Of Mice and Machines

A couple of folks have actually asked me WHY there have been no recent GRUDGE Reports.

The reason is simple; my computer hasn't been working! Or at least not much! I'd guestimate that 50% of the past two months, I have been 'down'.

Two months ago, it was the fan and power supply. I no sooner got that repaired when disaster really hit; my one and only Hard Drive started failing, sector by sector, day by day.

The offending Hard Drive has been replaced with a larger (80G), and hopefully, more reliable product.

One would think that this would solve all, huh. Not so! Though I had good back ups, they are data only! (I DID lose some data.) Which means I have to install, configure, transfer data, PROGRAM by PROGRAM, which I'm still in the process of doing! Ackkkkkkkk!!!

To those who'd like to see The GRUDGE Report more often; I am still in need of good, used, and cheap: second Hard Drive, a Surfboard Cable Modem, an external CD-W, a back-up monitor, a laptop, a color Palm, and/or a full second desktop system! If you have any of this stuff for sale, please email me...

In the meantime, my machine is now functioning! So here's to more of The Grudge Report!!! And to the ops of 3.840; I'm listening & reporting again!

Now, what all of this all has to do with 'mice' is moot as my NEW optical mouse works great!

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