Saturday, November 27, 2004

Testosterone Wars

First of all, let me tell you up-front, you are not going to agree with me!

It was a full moon and a Friday night, the prospects were ripe for the continuation of the Testosterone Wars (or male posturing, or the battle for territory)...

I listened for hours to Greg Sousa w6ezv and Steve Wingate kg6txh as they AGAIN battled it out. Last night the fighters were joined by Jim Southwick n7js and Robolon ke7bbx who often tried to either moderate or inject some sanity.

Today, after listening to the recordings of the BIG BATTLE, and giving it all some serious thought, these are SOME of the conclusions I came too (your view may be different & probably is!):

-Greg is RIGHT, Steve uses too much foul language that does not belong on air. AND Steve doesn't fight 'fair'; he often (for lack of better 'weapons'?) goes WAY over the line by insulting & attacking a HAMS family.

-Greg LIKES this as he continually BAITS Steve till he 'lures' Steve into 'performing' in the manner that Greg desires. No doubt to fulfill Greg's (& his backer's) own agenda's.

-Steve LIKES this, as he never withdraws, but plays the game. He allows himself to get angry to the point of 'loss of self-control', over and over and over again. Each outburst more vulgar & vile than the one before (and less lucid!).

-The OLDER & WISER folks may have been listening, but you notice that they DID NOT participate? Both participants are in their 30's would be my guess. Thus it may seem as childish as it IS to us 'older' folks.

-I have NO DOUBT that behind the scenes, each combatant had 'crews' in their corners (via email & messenger & phone), giving advice and wiping away the blood.

-Therefore, the battle rages! When the solution, for all, is not only known, but SIMPLE. Do not engage the person that is pushing your buttons. Without 'the psychological reinforcement' a response brings, it would end! Quickly and forever!

-Since NO ONE has done this, they MUST LIKE it, need it. The rage feeds them, eggs them on. (But it's also using them up, in all kinds of ways, personal and public, as that is the way of rage.)

-The non-combatants LIKE taking sides! They are rooting for their 'teams'! Now who is 'sicker'; the fighters or their backers (it's almost to the point that folks are placing bets!).

-No one seems to have thought this through or played 'WHAT IF'.

someone really gets hurt?
someone has a heart attack or gets hospitalized because of this?
someone loses their FCC license?
or several lose their FCC license?
if it turned out that Steve had MS, or ALS, or a brain tumor?
if we knew that some 12 year old was really hearing this trash?
someone 'loses' it and hurts someone else?
if friends for years were no longer friends because they took 'sides'?
if a third of the 3840 denizens abandoned ship because of this?
someone hurts themselves?
a third of the swl's stopped listening? (Where would the 3840 Hams be without their fans?)

How would we ALL feel IF any of these things happened? So come on, you guys, STOP living through your hormones! Learn to control your impulses, instead of them controlling you! Otherwise you are just wild animals in the middle of 'rutting' season (and that's exactly how you look to a lot of folks!). Just start using your mental 'delete' keys, or walk away from that microphone, or change frequencies, before someone really gets hurt!


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Anonymous said...

I think that Steve is getting what he asked for.

I've been listening to 3840 for about two years, and remember when Steve first showed up. His behavior was odd but not excessively first.

Over time he became more and more annoying and interrruptive, not to mention losing lucidity as the nights went on. He would become offensive, and when the others would ask him to go away, would ignore their wishes to converse amongst themselves,and force his presence.

When they would change frequencies, Steve would follow them and continue to interrupt conversations he was told he was not welcome in.

Now, anyone with the appropiate license has the priviledge to transmit on the appropiate frequencies.
This does not give them the right to force themselves into a conversation they have been (politely at first) asked to stay out of.

As I see it, Steve harrassed his fellow hams, and indeed created a situation where some would stand up and give back to him as he gave out.

After a while, he was given an opportunity to apoligize, and agree to 'behave'.
He apoligized and behaved quite well....for a while.
Then he started the same crap and people got fed up. Steve said some (in my opinion) inexcusable things on more then one occasion.

How much crap should someone have to put up with?

I can't fault anyone for being pissed at Steve, I think he asked for it!
I know that I was mad at his arrogance in asserting his 'right' to present a 'balanced' viewpoint, as well as his inane ramblings and harrasment, usually forcing the group to move over and over again, and often, to sign off to escape Steve, and consequently, ending any opportunity to enjoy stimulating and entertaining converstaion.

Now, I would like to state: I do not hate Steve!
When he was behaving, he was actually pretty cool to listen to, and had some interesting views and ideas.
However, whatever his problem(s) is(are), this is something he needs to address. To say the least, he sure seems to be obsessed with Art!

As for Greg, I think he got fed up, and is not going to let Steve get away with his crap.

Does Greg enjoy this? I think he is going to do his best to help Steve to seal his own fate.

I'm of the opinion that Greg would rather be doing something else, but is so full of Steve that he is now going to do something about it!

Is this testerone?


As a man, I would act in a similar fashion (but maybe thats MY testerone speaking).



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