Saturday, December 11, 2004

The STEVE Marathon

It started early last night with Jim Watkins ki6gu rehashing everything Steve Wingate kg6txh has ever said or ever done since the first day Steve got his license. I'm sure this was interesting for those who only listen sporadically. Besides, it's 'easier' on the ears to hear Jim reporting the antics, than to listen to them 'live'.

It wasn't long however, before the 'show' began; Greg Sousa w6ezv & Steve Wingate kg6txh took up where they'd left off the night before. Well, let me back up; THEY also rehashed it all, starting at square one.

Only tonight, tempers flared earlier, and burned brighter. Steve insulted Greg's wife and child (doesn't Greg KNOW when his buttons are being pushed?), and Greg threatened to beat Steve to a pulp.

Believe it or not, it then ESCALATED. These two, supposedly adult men had to take the 'pissing' contest further. Greg said that he'd really been 'mobile' all evening and would be pulling up in front of Steve's house at any minute. Steve said HE had a gun.

It got even worse! Steve said he might have been shot in the head and was bleeding badly. Then, Robolon ke7bbx did absolutely the RIGHT thing in calling the authorities to check on Steve, for which he took much abuse from Steve.

The local police arrived and offered to take Steve to the hospital, or so Steve reports. (Was there an injury? And if so, from what???) Yo, Steve, don't you think the police are gonna get tired of playing these 'frequency' games???

I don't pretend to understand the dynamics of this specific situation, but I have my thoughts on the subject (you knew that, huh?).

Greg (and others), why would an adult even try to argue with or insult, a drunk? Or take what an obviously incapacitated person says as chapter & verse??? How can a grown man not realize that even the mentally ill, or the drunk, have feelings that can be hurt??? Don't you realize that the harder you try to 'push' him away, the more he'll 'clutch'??? Ask any Mother or psychologist!

I also don't understand why Steve so desperately needs the acceptance & approval of this group. (And I think that was what he was originally wanting!). And why Steve doesn't find a 12 step program, a good psychiatrist, a therapist and work towards getting a real life (there IS one out there for you Steve!)??? I don't understand why Steve is sticking around for the PAIN...
I don't understand WHY folks don't completely ignore Steve Wingate or go to another frequency (as some obviously have, Art, Ben, etc.), OR turn off their radios!!!

Back to the 'Steve Marathon'. I eventually went to bed, sad and sick at heart for all involved. And GLAD that with all my financial and physical problems, I have more sense & empathy than some of these folks!

Imagine my surprise, when at 6:15 AM, I awoke to hear Steve's voice!!! Sounding much more 'sober & sane' on 3.840, chatting with another HAM about equipment! Does this man never sleep (mania will do that, so will agitated depression, BTDT!). This has to be some kind of record...



Anonymous said...

What is the deal with these guys "The Show"? All parties involved should drop this. It is not good for Amateur Radio. So PLEASE guys just stop it.

Anonymous said...

N6MZA, now the official spokesperson for Steve-O, has it all figured out. Everyone on 3840 are felons, crooks, thugs and criminals and Steve is just a victum.


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