Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The GRUDGE Report Explained

Someone recently made this statement:

"Well, Evvy, so far you did not give my side of the head photo's narrative on your blog."

I've waited awhile to respond to this, debating even, if I should respond or not. I finally decided it was an important misconception and needed to be clarified.

As with all information and materials, I did say that I would comment on these pictures in The GRUDGE Report, IF I felt they were of interest or merit. This includes the unstated premise: space and time permitting (a big part of all such decisions!).

I DID NOT say that I would present 'any' side of 'any' story. And I never will!

I report on items of interest to the 3840 HAMS & FANS in The GRUDGE Report. I conceived of The GRUDGE Report; I produce The Grudge Report. I do all the work. It is totally 'my baby'. And The GRUDGE Report may eventually go 'subscription only', so that I'd get PAID for the hours and work I put into this very popular project.

BUT, the keywords here are: 'I' & 'report'.

NO ONE ELSE makes the decisions on what I include or exclude in The GRUDGE Report. I am the SOLE person responsible for all content (artie's lawyers probably love this!). ALL opinions, are just that, opinions, and are MINE alone.

NO one can tell me what my opinions are going to be! I don't know until I've evaluated a subject or situation.

ANY information that ANYONE might supply, IS checked with OTHER SOURCES, and in OTHER WAYS, to my satisfaction, and MAY or MAY NOT be used for content.

ANY materials or information that ANYONE might supply, even if used as a source for content in The GRUDGE Report, is reported in the way 'I' see fit. And WHEN I see fit. And IF I see fit.

When someone supplies info or materials to me, there are NO STRINGS attached, and certainly no guarantees (other than total confidentiality, forever!).

I consider that I have become 'owner' of said materials, to use at MY discretion, by having been given the information or materials and having them in my possession. This includes ALL information, and any physical materials i.e. pictures, audio clips, emails, url's, etc.

I do NOT 'pay', nor do I 'trade' for materials with ANY kind of promises, real or implied, of how that material will be used or in what context, or when.

Hope this clears up any misconceptions.




Anonymous said...

Hmmmm Interesting. Does this mean we will get to see Steve-o's Head-wound ?? His karmic Rap on the head from the powers that be ? I for one was thinking about rapping Steve-o in the head that evening and look what happened... I wonder.. If we all concentrate hard enough perhaps we can give Timmy a nice Rap on the head also. One can but hope.


Joseph Ares-Berziga said...

Now I know that we have two freq{s} for 3.840ssb and 1.870ssb very cool. Also thank you for the update on the freq{s} that are used for 3.840ssb group.


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