Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Fan Mail?

I wonder why I NEVER get 10 emails from someone I write about in the GRUDGE Report when I've said something nice or kind? Or when I've really been 'easy' on someone instead of shredding them in public when I easily could have?

Or when someone appreciates the humor in a situation? Or my writing abilities?

I almost always TRY to include SOMETHING positive about a person(s) that ends up in the GRUDGE Report; like they have a pleasant(s) on air-voice, or whatever...

However, this part of the 'reporting' is ALWAYS overlooked. I only get email taking me to task for my opinions, or my view of a situation that has occurred. A situation that I am only reporting!

The thing is, if I report it here; you can bet your bippie that there ARE a number of folks saying it elsewhere, only behind the backs of the miscreants.

I just say it out loud and up front! I 'report' on the 'event' being talked about!

Often the complaining email is quite poisonous in itself; the composer never realizing how petty they sound, how weak their not so subtle threats of 'legal' action, or how this type of communication doesn't incline me to 'lighten up' the next time they do something really stupid (which IS gonna happen)!

It is also interesting that 'fan email' senders, NEVER reply here on the BLOG, where ALL could see what they had to say, and have the chance to reply! This in itself tells a lot about the email senders and their not well veiled threats, as well as their fears of what their on-air peers might think of them. And is why I refuse to enter into email dialog, one on one, regarding articles in the GRUDGE Report.

In fact, there are 3840 denizens that I tend to treat with 'kid' gloves in the GRUDGE Report! And others that are just too 'fragile' to include here unless they should end up in jail, have their license revoked or something. It's just never noticed.

So keep that 'fan email' coming in, folks; that folder on my HD is getting larger by the day (I do save each and every one)!

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