Monday, September 13, 2004

Ben's done it again!

Ben/kd7bcw signed off, permanently, from HAM radio, last night. Again.

I actually sighed when I heard this happen. I'd just tuned in; I don't actually KNOW what, if anything specific, happened to lead up to this.

Timmie/n6mza WAS ranting and raving and PLAYING drunk; totally disrupting the band, as he has been wont to do the past couple of weeks. But was TIMMIE the real reason??? (Probably more on Timmie and jamming later!)

Yesss indeedy, we've seen Ben do this before! Several times. I'm beginning to think perhaps Ben is an undiagnosed Manic Depressive, or at least suffering from a clinical, untreated, depression that worsens at times and colors his view of the 3.840 denizens.

Ben will, in all probability, return to the air. He has in the past. How could anyone really stay away???

The LAST time he did this, I think he actually did stay away for a couple of weeks. EVERYONE missed him! His voice, his comments, his 'holding-down-the-fort'. So we all hope that Ben changes his mind, soonest!

Last time, he also removed me from his MSN Messenger and never put me back! I think he gets 'fed up' and just goes though and deletes folks that may have rocked his boat at some time or other. (And that's what I do, rock boats, it's what I am GOOD at!) Ben is STILL on my MSN Messenger, though he's been 'offline' for months and months!

I should have seen this one coming though, as all email jokes, etc from him to me stopped about two weeks ago. I noticed and wondered about it. Usually I get a couple of items a week from Ben.

I'm still emailing BEN (the usual items: things I think he will enjoy)when appropriate stuff arrives in my email. (I'm not talking about political stuff here; but jokes, uplifting materials, stupid stuff, cartoons, etc.) However, Ben could have 'blocked' me by now for all I know.

In reality, Ben lost interest in me long ago, as soon as he saw that I was: a fat, old, smoking, liberal, opinionated, broad in a wheelchair. Therefore, I was not a target for his 'long-distance' affections.

Nor was I a male, nor a HAM. To top it off, Artie/w60bb had said some disparaging things regarding me, and Ben (sadly) tends to follow Artie's lead on these matters). So, Bang! I was off Ben's radar!!!

Hmmm. Speaking of 'long-distance' affections, didn't Sue/ks7o visit Ben recently? Perhaps Ben has again been disappointed by reality?

You would think that in Amateur Radio (of all places!) that we could appreciate each other for WHO & WHAT we are (and are not!); including rig, age, income, looks, antenna configuration, marital status, faults, habits, Licensed or SWL, and, perhaps most important, peccadilloes??? It is troubling when we don't.

In fact, I wrote a poem examining these type of issues (in a different venue) several year ago. EMPTY MINUTES can be found on my website at:
And if you like that poem, you might want to buy my ebooks!

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