Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Still Another Trek to Pahrump

The BAD BOYS OF BURBANK( Greg Sousa w6ezv & Jim Watson ki6gu ) are planning a short junket to Pahrump at the end of this very week, Greg's schedule permitting. Like almost just an overnighter!

Both of 'em have been there before at various times, just not together. Therefore, there is some quibbling about who is going to drive...

But the question IS, why would anyone want to go to Pahrump, Nevada? Especially in the middle of summer? And especially for such a short visit? Is there a hidden agenda?

Are the BAD BOYS going to Pahrump just to play with Art's equipment?
Or to worship the Loop?
Or have the BAD BOYS become Art's 'henchmen' and are going to Pahrump to be given another 'Steve-like' assignment?
Or do the BAD BOYS (both of whom have some kind of prior Broadcast Radio experience) have visions of being Broadcast Radio Talk Show Hosts floating around in their heads?

And of course, WHY doesn't anyone ever invite the Bells to visit them? (They do have that great RV! I've seen pictures!) Art and Ramona might even accept some invitations! And if not, at least folks can be polite enough to OFFER. I never hear any invitations being offered to the Bells. I mean, why does it always have to be everyone going to Pahrump?

Art & Ramona, you can come visit me in San Diego almost anytime you want! I'm a good cook, ya can smoke here, and San Diego has lot's of 'attractions'. Just let me know...

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