Monday, January 26, 2004

Frogs in Ponds: (very tiny frogs; very tiny ponds!)

I tell ya, couldn't believe it when I dropped into the Midnight Hams Forum today to do some message reading, only to find I was locked out!

No reason that I am aware of. I haven't posted a message there in eons. The last contact I had with the MH's was a month ago when I IM'd one of the Hens, asking which Logo they wanted me to use as a link on my web site (one's been there for months, but I noticed they had a 'new' logo and thought they might want me to change to the new one. (Guess what's gonna happen to that link now?). I also requested they correct my URL in THEIR link section. I received a businelike if terse reply. That's it.

That was probably the ONLY contact I've had with any of 'em for over a year! At least in the context of that Forum. But here I was, obviously locked out. LOL. Really kinda funny. Goes to show what egomaniacs they really are!

So, you can't 'join' the MH Forum without consent of the 'administrators', (it's been that way for months) AND now, you need a password to read the threads...


Just through attrition, the Mental Hens Forum is gonna shrink! Poof! Soon it will be gone! And when it falls, some, I'm sure, will have an online 'wake' to celebrate its demise...

As it is now; about 10 people post a gazillion (often one line) messages. The Hen's worshipers (and why else would they be there?); Randy, Kent, Lee, Ralph, Jaber, Andy, Vout, Ginger, Cary, 'Continuum', and Steve. These few folks produce massive amounts of daily messages to EACH OTHER, that say basically nothing, i.e. "It's late, think I'm gonna tip over now."

Then there are the Beth & Linda cult members (read worshipers), who do not frequent the Mental Hens Forum, but actually engage them on air and in person. People like Karen (w6asa), and her so-called 'sister' Randi (how stupid do they think we are??? And again, who cares?)

The interesting (read: thinking) folks left that Forum (or were banned) long ago, leaving the Mental Hens to masturbate each other. I do miss those gentle people that have left; Lonevoice, eadie, MidnightMoses. I'd invite 'em to join us at the 3840 email list, but along the way I've lost their addies...

I've been a so-called 'member' of the MH forum for a couple of years now. Haven't PARTICIPATED in ages; not once I found out that Beth & Linda censured messages by deleting them IMMEDIATELY if it was something the Hens didn't like. Agree with them, or don't post there!!!

Agree with the Hens or get banned! Without warning or notice. I've seen it happen to several people. And now I am one of a growing number of banned folks: Gregg, Gu, and Trish! At least I'm in good company!

I just hope I don't get banned from the online turners; JimandLeahs and Lees Tuner, as they seem to be either blind to the hurt the Hens cause, or tucked firmly into the MH fold. Well, if I am, (having never been any good at kissing unusual parts of the human anatomy) I'll just have to figure out how to use Javoradio...

So, I haven't participated in MH's since I found out you had to 'worship' at the alter of Beth & Linda to belong. No thanks! I've never been into 'cults' or brain control. And if I wanted to worship a woman, believe me, I'd go find a good looking, smart one!

I didn't participate. But I did make a run through the MH's message threads once in awhile (sometimes months apart), read some posts, see who was posting. I'd especially check the audio files. (Am gonna miss those audio files! But will find somewhere else to get 'em).

Well, ya know what? The Mental Hens can 'have each other' & I hope they are happy ever after. I really do. 'Cause I'm done with the Midnight Hens. And when I'm done, I'm done.

They'd barely brushed my bare toes with their heavy boots before, but I'd given 'em the benefit of the doubt even as I watched the pain and havoc they caused. And after all, it's their site, they can do what they want with it. And it wasn't any of my business. Now the Hens have firmly smashed my toes. So I can stomp back.

Actually, I was 'done' with 'em when I set up the 3840 email list as an sane and uncensored alternative. They didn't know it, because I had no reason to tell 'em. NOW I do.

I am giving open and formal permission to copy and post this statement to all. The Mental Hens may have finally 'met their match'!

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