Friday, April 30, 2004

Toilet Paper Follies!

As soon as I got over the flu, I caught a cold!

So the night I heard this little 'gem' I was groggy from too much cough syrup & definitely sleep deprived from the seemingly never ending cough!

Therefore, not only did I not record it; I didn't even jot down the date or the participants! (If anyone has a .wav of this, please let me know!). So If I get any of it wrong, forgive me...

I don't know HOW they got on to the subject of TP, but it was a riot. Jimbo, Jim, Greg(?), Ben, and Art all took turns stating their preference for TP and why!

It would seem, if memory serves (and it might not), that they all preferred plain white, unscented. (Of course; all men!)

Then they went into the merits of one-ply vs two-ply. And the need (or not) for softness.

By then, I was lying in my 'sick bed' in the middle of the night, coughing, blowing and LAUGHING, listening to this bunch of middle-aged men, comparing TP brands.

If that wasn't funny enough, somehow, they got started on what they did when they were OUT of TP. Seems Jim resorts to newspaper, while Art sits in the bathroom and hollers for Ramona, and Ben suggested that everyone should take a Cell to the throne with them, in case there was a shortage of paper...

I went off to the kitchen for still one more glass of OJ, and by the time I got back, they had moved on to a different subject. Too bad! It's nice to hear about something other than antennas once in awhile, especially something a little more 'personal'!

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