Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Art Bell & Steve Wingate 'make nice'

Even though I predicted it; it was too smooth, rehearsed even.

Art w60bb, out of the blue, asked Steve kg6txh to apologize for his actions in recent months. But never offered an explanation or apology of his own! Art Bell did NOT own any of the responsibility for the 'Steve Fiasco'. Nor did he express any concern over what Steve had gone though (even the death of his 22 year old cat!)

Steve, as coherent and focused as I've ever heard him, fell right into line. He spent a good amount of time apologizing for the things he WAS responsible for; over reacting, taking everything so personal, being a newbie on the frequency, etc. Steve apologized to one and all for everthing except being born!

Art accepted graciously. (Wonder if Art would forgive me for being evvy if I were on air??? Somehow I doubt it!).

AUDIO CLIP AVAILABLE AT: http://www.3840hamfans.com/3840/Audio/index.html

And the 'soap' continues to unfold, night after night. What will happen between Art & Steve remains to be seen.

However, I DO know it takes TWO to fight!!!

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