Sunday, July 25, 2004

3840 Web Site Slammed!

Over the week-end, ae7op decided to add a few votes to the 3840HamFans web poll.  He hit the site 80 times in less than an hour and registered 80 votes for kd7bcw, Ben Gardner.

Now this is interesting in a number of ways:

He had to manipulate his computer to be able to register more than one vote
(Or the cgi interface on the site.)
It seems that he only voted for Ben
He returned to the site 3 times the next morning
Did he REALLY think no one would notice?

This month's poll has not been compromised
ae7op's votes will just be deducted at the poll's end

He only joined the 3840 List last May
He hasn't really participated in the list
He joined the list under a hotmail addie

He is new to the 3.840 freq.
He doesn't participate there much
He doesn't seem to have gotten on anyone's bad side
He created an 'Art Bell' Antenna Web Site
He got on the 'good' side of Art Bell, who featured this web site on

He just got his Extra license
He just got his vanity call
Before that he had a General (for awhile)
For many years before that, he held a Tech license

ae7op HAS NOT come forward to explain or apologize

He does not know me
We have not had any interaction, either on or off the list
I actually PROMOTED his new Art Bell Antenna site

3840 Hamfans reported this incident to:
Ben Gardner
Proboards (where he has the free website)

Did this 40 something man who holds an FCC Extra License think this was a prank?
Did he really think his ISP wouldn't be tracked?
Why didn't he come forth when urged to do so my a 'list mate'?
Did his NEED for Art Bell's approval and acceptance lead to these actions?
Did Art Bell's attitude towards ME lead to these actions, albeit indirectly?
How, oh how, do these loonies find Artie? 
Why are they drawn to 3.840 like moths to the flame???




1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Some bored guy votes on some dumb poll that you obviously think is god's gift to the universe (in reality nothing could be less important), and you try to have him removed from the web??? I think you are the one who's insane and needs help.


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