Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Art Bell w6obb: a sad excuse of a man!

A few days after artie's tuner went on line, I emailed him with a few comments, complimentary and informative all. Probably not more that four sentences.

The next day I received a curt and unexpected reply: "I have read what you have written about me, please do not attempt any further communication."

And I didn't, haven't, and I won't unless artie initiates such.

His loss, not mine! I can remember his 'early' shows! I remember the night he turned 50! Most importantly, I KNOW what his next two books should be...

That email is STILL sitting in my INBOX. I wanted to be reminded, often, just what a sad excuse of a man he's become.

The thing is, I have never written anything about Art Bell - w6obb, that wasn't 'reporting' and the truth! I stayed away from personal opinion. (Till right now!) I've mimicked him, taunted him, made fun of some situations he's been in, etc. Can I help it if the man is without humor??? (What's that say about a person?)

I have frequently given artie the benefit of the doubt in situation after situation. Guess he never noticed that!

There have even been a few times when I've said some nice things about him! Guess he never noticed THAT either!

I've actually admitted to many, that I think he is a great 'showman' and broadcaster! That he has 'show business' smarts regarding his career. And so on... Guess he never noticed THAT either!

I've sided with him in many issues. He must not have noticed THAT either.

There are a lot of things he doesn't seem to notice. Like when Jim Southwick n7js provided artie with extensive info on how to set up a streaming tuner. Several days after art's tuner was up and working, there was a long on-air conversation between artie and Jim. I never, ever heard artie say 'thank you' or even anything close! In fact, the conversation was 'stilted' and artie was just short of rude to Jim. Jim Southwick is one of the good guys and did not deserve to be treated like that.

I can't remember artie EVER thanking or apologizing to anyone for anything. This kind of behavior probably evolved when artie decided he was a 'celebrity'. And it is not helped by all the folks around him that let him get away with acting in such a manner(or unmannerly, I should say). They aren't doing him any favors...

Doesn't artie know that many of the things I say out loud and to his face, his 'best HAM buddies' are saying behind his back??? And laughing about it??? How does he think I know, or find out much of this stuff. I never thought he was stupid, as he apparently thinks I am!

So, I guess the thing is: if you are not one of artie's worshipers, or flunkies, or if he doesn't 'need' you for something that will later turn out to be HIS idea, then you're just a piece of flotsom floating down the imaginary river of Art Bell's imaginary life. What a sad and fragile existence!



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Anonymous said...


While your assessment is accurate, why does this surprise you ?

You missed or did not comment on one of the biggest indicators. Artie’s continuous need to display his wealth to everyone on frequency. His continuous need trying to get everyone to spend money on the latest thing that he has purchased as though it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Not to mention his, so openly, unabashed continuous need of all the vacuum cleaners on 3840. From my point of view, this is truly the mark of an unsophisticated person.

One block from me lived a man who would not even consider Artie’s “wealth” as pocket change. Very few people in this town even knew who lived in the modest, two-story Victorian house. The house, maybe worth around 800 thousand to only 1.2 million is in a town not even considered an upbeat area. This guy was unassuming, quiet and now, unfortunately, quite dead ! As he just died in a plane crash a few days ago. Yep, John Walton himself, an heir to the Walton fortunes and worth several Billion !

Quite a contrast in character study if you ask me. How a person displays their stature is a sure indicator of how the rest of their identity functions. So, I found it amusing that it took you this long to comment on the obvious.


evvy said...

>>>So, I found it amusing that it took you this long to comment on the obvious.

Ahhh Bill, timing is all!

Anonymous said...

Evvy, it is quite obvious that you are projecting your own psychological problems onto other people. Why don't you figure out your own problems before you criticize others? And while you're at it, learn the difference between "you're" (contraction for "you are") and "your" (possessive). And you call yourself a writer. What a joke. You can't even punctuate, and your syntax is a mess.

evvy said...

Thanks for participating in the 'blog' experience. You may even find that you'll come to like it.

I welcome all comments, even those that are wrong and nitpicking.

Though 'anonymous' is always an option, it would be nice if you 'signed' your post next time...

Bill Eichner said...

I've listened to Art Both on the ham bands and on the AM bands for years. He does NOT impress me. In fact I financially support 3840 jammers every way that I can just to keep artie busy buying *new* radios every 5 minutes. PHOOOEY on Art, I'm going back to the novice bands and a better class of people!

Anonymous said...

Evvy, for me to say that you are projecting your psychological problems onto others is not "nitpicking". It is a central critique of your premise about Art. You need to accept the fact that nobody (except perhaps 'BNQ and Bill Eichner) cares what you think. It's obvious to everyone that you're simply an angry person, and that you try to make yourself feel better by denigrating others. Art is a very nice person. I never hear him bragging about his money. Insofar as his purchase of expensive toys is concerned, he has the bucks; he has the right to flaunt them; but he doesn't really flaunt them that much. You are jealous of him because you are an old, unattractive, single chain smoker who has ruined her health, while he is a successful, happily married man who has lots of friends. I will never understand how you came to believe that anyone cares what you think. You're severely deluded.

evvy said...

>>>In fact I financially support 3840 jammers every way that I can just to keep artie busy buying *new* radios every 5 minutes.

What an interesting idea! And it seems to be working. Keep up the good work...

evvy said...

>>>I will never understand how you came to believe that anyone cares what you think.

Obviously, YOU do!!!

K7KBW said...

Hey Evvy, interesting site. Right up my alley.

My sermon on this subject can be found on my web page.

Anonymous said...

I suppose I should weigh in on this since there was a paragraph in it about me.
I actually didn't go away with the feeling that Art was rude to me in the night in question....so my interpretation must have been different. I'm actually quite infrequent on 3840 that to judge Art's responses to me on any isolated incident would be unfair. Art has been very inclusive, fair, and the first to greet me on some days, and on other days completely ignored me. Then again...so what. Hell, maybe he didn't even hear me. I'm sure he has his up days and down days so this would probably be more of a predictor of his actions and not personally directed (except to a few blatant individuals who would provoke rudeness and anger from anyone).
There have certainly been times that I felt the conversations were very one sided and excluded individuals (even myself) for long periods of time (with or without the participation of Art). That appears rude, but only because I am an individual that usually tries to be inclusive. Ben is probably the most cognizant of this. I've even seen him excluded to the point of rudeness.
Yes, I was the one who conceived and put Art in touch with smeter.net and initially tried to set him up Visualradio. Was there much gratitude?......probably not. Was it personal?.... probably not. Did he ever say the whole thing was his idea? I never heard that.
I think the whole jest of all of this comes down the culture of radio, the culture of novelty, the culture of competition, the culture of 3840, more than any personalities should be blamed. Art takes the brunt of the majority of the positive or negative aspects. He may even internalize it to a certain extent. It's an unfair paradox for him.....hence you come to realize his actions are sometimes going to be contradictory. Aside from being a radio personality, he happens to be on that frequency more than anyone else, so he becomes a target of convienence. I personally find the frequency fascinating and inspiring some nights and absolutely idiotic and boring other nights. I find personalities on there that also run the gamut from inspiring to boring....from fascinating to idiotic. I bet if I found myself there night after night - I would have people put me in all those categories. I would also find myself on a street corner begging for dimes. It's really a frequency to get in after you have had a few beers, a few cigarettes, a glass of wine, or a few Prozac’s (but NOT too many) - because you take the gamut of what that night will bring. You can't take it personally - hell you would sell your radio every other week and the other weeks you would buy the latest and greatest. My personality is too stable for all of that - but I've been tempted from all angles.
I've disagreed with Evvy at times on her content and at other times I've found it provoking. Provoking is sometimes good. We've traded "punches" during the Midnight Hams Pahrump affair. She really pissed me off! Did I ban her from my site even though I knew she was listening on it every nite. Nope. That would have been reactive and what purpose would it have served. Her polls are always offensive or juvenile but I guess there is some sheer entertainment there. Honestly - you can't take it serious when there is a poll about you kissing someone's blarney stone (not on the left, not on the right, but right in the middle). If you happen to win that particular poll, it's time to either change your behavior or laugh at yourself. I'm sure from a pure writers and anarchist at heart point of view, she chuckles at controversy. I'm not that blatant and to me she crosses the line at times. But here I am writing, because I was provoked. And here you are reading this because you were provoked.
73 Jim N7JS (Sorry this is under annon, but I can't remember my password)
P.S. BTW, if you want to be provoked in even a broader range than personalities on a radio frequency - then go to my good friend Bill's site at http://k7kbw.blog-city.com/ and carry on after this.

evvy said...

Jim, n7js
>>>I'm sure from a pure writers and anarchist at heart point of view, she chuckles at controversy.

Anarchist??? Where did you ever get that opinion. I'm a Liberal Democrat and proud of it!!!

>>>I'm not that blatant and to me she crosses the line at times.

Only 'at times'??? Man, I'm gonna have to do something about that!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Liberal Democrat and proud of it!!!

OF COURSE you are! It makes perfect sense that you would feel you have the right to take other peoples' money just because they have more than you do. The world's just not fair, is it Evvy?

And no, I really don't care what you think. I am just fascinated by people who are emotionally disturbed.

evvy said...

>>>And no, I really don't care what you think. I am just fascinated by people who are emotionally disturbed.

Have you ever heard of the word 'TROLL'???

You are the best example of a Troll that I've come across recently (on & off air!).

Anonymous said...

It is kind of sad that a person has to talk about their wealth.

Usually those people are missing something else in their lives and they have to make up for the descrepencies to impress people with all the material possessions they have. Whether it being the Rolex Watch, The Mercedes Benz, or the Mansion they happen to own on Rodeo Drive.

If you worked very hard for many years and were lucky to have the luxuries to be able to afford things; fine. Don't take it for granted, because you could have been the one who had to scrape by; while the other person smokes a ten dollar bill.

What's more impressive are the people who buy something and keep it for many years and it still works and looks the way it did when it was new.

It would be nice if a person can talk about other things besides radios and antennas all the time. Those people who talk about the same thing over and over again lack intelligence.


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