Sunday, July 10, 2005

Trish k4obb, has learned how to SUCK UP big time!

Well, I can't believe it, and YOU won't either!!!

It took till now for me to get off the floor where I was laughing hysterically, to get to the keyboard to write this GRUDGE.

Although it's composition is not credited to anyone; 'name of author withheld by request', since it IS on Trish's, k4obb, page, I have to assume that SHE is the author...

I won't EVEN go into the poetics of the 'poem' other than to give the definition of "ODE: A lyric poem of some length, usually of a serious or meditative nature and having an elevated style and formal stanzaic structure." This info is EASILY available, you'd have thought she'd have at least checked this out first. Sigh. An 'ode' this tripe is not...

Now I can understand anyone getting fully involved in their hobby, especially if they are new to it. I can even understand looking up to others in the hobby; those that have helped them, gotten them involved, etc. "Ode to w6obb's receiver" goes far beyond.

Surely does look like Trish, k4obb, has completed the initiation rights required to join the 'cult of the loop'. She's obviously not only learned CW, but the needed 'suck up to artie' talents...

Heaven help us, I can only hope she doesn't really believe all that crap!!!

Go read "Ode to w6obb's receiver", then post a comment to this article!
(btw, and check out k4obb too!)



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Anonymous said...

Hi Evvy,

Yup, "Ode to W6OBB's Receiver" is not an ode. I believe it was inspired by
the famous Irish blessing/toast:

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields and,
Until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Speaking of wind, may the
wind not be composed of
a lot of hot air.

KE6YNH, 73

Anonymous said...

Butt kissing at its best

evvy said...

Then we concur; NOT an ODE, definitely 'kissy, kissy'.

Anonymous said...

'kissy, kissy' ????

How about an OUTRIGHT blow job !

It does not even qualify as a poem.


Anonymous said...

You are an extreme mental case full of envy and hate. You are a very evil person if you cannot see the sincerity and appreciation written in that poem. Art is providing a service which has required a lot of time and money and deserves some acknowledgement. Evi-l is the type of person, if she had any money of any kind, would never give a dime to help anyone. And Bill -w6bnq trying to make something sexual out of the content in that poem, it just show's everyone once again of his perversive nature, which everyone already knows about anyway and I don't doubt evi-l's moral nature is not much better than bill-w6bnq
You are sick sick people! and there is no hope for people like you and that's just too bad.

evvy said...

>>>if you cannot see the sincerity and appreciation written in that poem.

No doubt this post is either from OBBsessive Trish, or Big Ben!

>>>Art is providing a service which has required a lot of time and money and deserves some acknowledgement.

I have acknowledged the service artie is providing; I sent him a couple of emails, to which he replied, "do not attempt to contact me any more". Guess he doesn’t want ‘stroking’ from me!

After hearing him brag on air, I am wondering just WHO the service is for: those that want to listen or arties ego and need to be heard???

evvy said...

btw, I still feel that only cowards use anons...

Anonymous said...


How do you get that impression ?? What an IDIOT ! Not every EXPRESSION collimates into a “sexual” experience.

For example, if I tell you to get “FUCKED,” (you can take that in every sense of the meaning) I am not telling you to have “sexual” intercourse. It is a pejorative phrase indicating that I wish the worse for you.

BUT, what can one expect from a moron that thinks Trish’s writing had “sincerity.” “Appreciation ?” For what ? For thinking that she is ordained of the loop ? Surely you do not think that poorly of your Archangel ?

NO ! It is definitely not a SEXUAL connotation at all. Quite clearly just a well thought out expression referring to a thorough cleaning job.

So, please ! Leave the psychology to those that know what they are doing.


P.S. By the way Evvy, that is definitely not Big Ben as the writing is “so” way above his level. It is more in line with your favorite TROLL and likely his apprentice wannabe.


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