Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Imitation and Flattery

That old axiom may be true. And I certainly think that Trish Ray, k4obb is trying to 'copy' 3840HamFans, but I am not flattered!

For one thing, why does she have to 'depend' on everyone else for ideas: her call, her web site (NOT k4obb - which is a spoof hosted by 3840HamFans), even her antenna? Can she not come up with some original ideas of her own???

If not, then I sure wish Trish k4obb would learn how to build a decent looking web site!

Her site is such a conglomeration of redundant stuff, including programs she wants you to download in order to see/hear things, that it's a real pain. Then there's the mis-mash of colors, styles, fonts, outdated graphics and bad placement, that it's almost embarrassing to view.

If I were any of the 3840 Hams, I don't think I'd be promoting this disaster of a site!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Her site is nothing like yours. You are nuts!


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