Friday, May 20, 2005


Trish - k4obb, says in her audio clip on her web site, that k4obb was her second choice for a vanity call. But her first choice, isn't even available till July 2005.

So, in essence, her choice for a vanity call WAS k4obb!

I've gotta say, I do not understand this. Why would she want to copy, emulate, flatter, Art Bell? Or embarrass him, step on his toes? Whichever the case may be.

Whatever her reasons, I haven't stopped laughing since I heard this news. (I needed a good laugh!)

Big Ben - kd7bcw, said on air last night 'what a hoot' when talking about her new call. Art - w6obb replied, 'if that's what you want to call it'. (I think I'd call it obsessive.)

Tonight, Melba Mac - w7lw, said he was disappointed. He thought Trish should have applied for the vanity, k4lw!

Too bad calls like k4nutso aren't assigned. Amateur Radio would be so much more fun...

On the other hand, this might just be a trend starting. What if all the 'followers of the loop' got similar vanity calls? If all their calls ended in obb??? Now THAT would be a hoot!




Anonymous said...

Probably best if that were a 5th or 6th choice. Vanity call signs are usually to establish your own personal identity. I think I would re-submit.

Anonymous said...

Interesting choice, but I suppose to each their own. I do feel deeply hurt that an "SO" variation was not considered... hummm K6SO, N6SO, KK6SO etc. etc. ha ha


N7JS said...

I too would appreciate a following after my callsign. After all, I don't have children and I would really like to be remembered after I'm gone. Any takers?
Jim N7JS

daryl/wc1e said...

when i saw this i could not believe it.
is trish all there i mean i thought she was alright but this makes me think twice.
is she obsessed with art hmmm.

daryl/wc1e said...

after reading more on this subject i have to modify my own coment.
art doesnt seem to mind so why should we.
i never post in these type of forums and i shouldnt have this time,i apoligys for my last post to trish.
it is arts call sign that she emulated not anyone elses, so why should it bother any of us.
the 3.840 group all seem to like her and call her site the offical 3.840 web site.
trish is obviously a huge art bell fan,but does tha make her a bad person?
no it doesnt,if it was because of art that she got into ham radio so what.
we need all the hams we can get.
most people who listen to 3.840 and post in these groups i would say are art bell fans.
thats why they listen not to hear the others but to hear art.
evvy, you must have been a big art bell fan at one time,after all you started this group.
so really are you that much different than trishin that regaurd?
if trish does have other motives then i am sure in time they would be exposed.
but for now it doesnt appear she has done any thing wrong other than be a huge art bell fan.
it is up to art to decide when someone has crossed the line as far as being a fan and obsessed not mine.
i will end my rant at that and go back to my policy not to post or make coments on other peoples affairs

evvy said...

>>>back to my policy not to post or make coments on other peoples affairs

Oh, I would hope not! What fun is that? Every opinion is valid...


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