Friday, October 19, 2007

Move over Mrs. Miller!

Yes, well, Mrs. Miller could sing, kinda sorta. For her bio please see:

Trish Ray k4ze, a 'SWL turned ham, 3840 used to be', composes and sings. She even sells her own CD's on her site, or at least she did at one time. I can't seem to find her page at the moment; she updates her sites so often even the search engines can't keep up with her!

Bill Crowell w6wbj, can't sing, but he does not let that stop him! He really belts 'em out when he's in the mood, or has something to say. (Wonder what he sounds like in the shower? ) Not only that, but he can play that piano! And work with music on many levels.

I, on the other hand, can not sing. I can not carry a tune in the proverbial hand basket! I may not have the 'broadcasting voice' that art bell w6obb, n7js, ki6gu, or wg6k, have -- but I have a great deal of experience with 'literary readings' and poetry.

It was something that was fated to happen someday, and today is that day! A melding of great talents if you will. So for your enjoyment, MONEY, by Bill Crowell & evvy garrett...


r. f. burns said...

You're barking up the wrong tree Evvy. Hams have always have been tightwads. One may buy your CD, but then he'll copy it for all his friends. Welcome to the recording industry.

Rudolph Hitler said...

The recording industry is dead numbnutz, ka-put, nyetski. John Lennon and Frank Sinatra started the ball rolling when they recorded the song "blackhole buzzkill" Get your factus straightus r.f. burns, this is not a place for wannabe radio operators. You can't swim with the big dogs if you are pissing like a puppy. Right Officer Billy?

Andres Bonifacio said...

Back off, *hitler. This one's a runaway hit! I heard it in the chiropractor's office this morning. Even a ham needs a release once in a while. So 73s and keep practicin' the code.

Billy said...

Oh, man, the sales are going through the roof, Evvy!

Anonymous said...

Evvy, I figured with all that cig smoking you would sound something akin to a female Henry Kissenger - so I was surprised your voice sounded quite "smooth". You should really look into the 900 number industry for any real money. Trying to get money out of hams for what you are doing is like trying to pry open a paint can lid w/ a straw.
Jim N7JS

Billy said...

Yes, Evvy, you have a very nice voice, and I wish you would just SING and not worry about whether or not anybody likes it. Why the hell would you care what a bunch of turkeys like ham radio operators think?

Anonymous said...

Evvy, your voice was great! Sexy! Thanks for giving me a great laugh, you keep having fun. It is good not to take life to serious, glad you like to have some fun. Don't stop, you're on a roll.


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