Friday, October 12, 2007

Art Bell w6obb, is Not Getting Enough Attention

I guess artie has not been getting enough ‘space’ in The HamFanz Grudge Report lately, so last night he baited his Elite buddies on 3.720 by starting a conversation on air about the last Grudge Report, “A MAN’S WORD.” (It would seem that artie, among other things, is ‘reading comprehension challenged, as he claimed to not understand the article.)

Being the manipulator he is, he deftly led ki6gu and k6mix into saying what artie wouldn’t, but wanted to hear. Most of them followed his lead, like Lemmings off a cliff; wb6bnq stayed out of the fray, ki6gu really did try to sidestep, and k6thx in his usual ‘altered’ state was, well, was SteveO.

artie starting the conversation:

And it more or less ended like this:

As the evening progressed, they went on to discuss the 'new generals' and 3.840:

(There are further clips available on HamFanz/current clips, and the full recordings are available on the Secret Page, if you have the url and password, and the stomach to listen to them!)

Now some would think, that artie 'manipulated' me into responding. NOT! I decided to do this Grudge Report, and post the PUBLIC DOMAIN recordings:
1) in the hopes that the 'sheep' would realize how artie is using them, and how 'sickly needy' they are,
2) that someone will send copies to their mothers, they ought to be really proud of their sons.
3) that those who still don't know will understand that the ELITES, really do believe, deep down inside, that they are indeed, the ELITE!

So artie, you wanted the attention and another HamFanz Grudge Report; here it is!


Tam O. Shanter said...

Evvy, there's a longstanding tradition of one-upmanship in the ham hobby. It goes something like this, give or take a few words:

"Look at me, look at me... I PASSED MY EXTRA, and YOU didn't. Neener-neener."

"I've got a BIGGER ANTENNA than you, you stir-fried nitwit."

I've MEMORIZED the ENTIRE FCC Q/A pool, you polyester-clad, self-loathing gaseous entity."

Et cetera, ad nauseum.

So, this just the same-old, same- old; chain-smoking stars of yesteryear attempting to set themselves apart from the pack.

It's high time for ALL OF 'EM to PACK IT UP.

Dennis Flora N6UGY said...

"In my 54 years on this planet, I have learned an awful lot about life in general, as well as how people think and feel. I consider myself somewhat of a Dear Abby, and my friends tend to ask me for my advice alot. Im pretty good at figureing out why things happen, especially when it comes to relationships. The most comon cause of a failed relationship these days is the lack of honesty and or trust. It takes 3 things to make a relationship work, love, honesty, and respect. One word of advice here... if you have been hurt by someone, and you carry that with you, being suspecious of everyone you meet, your going to have hard time finding anyone to love you. And you can take that to the bank..

r. f. burns said...

Too bad that in your 54 years you have not figured out when to use "you're" instead of "your".

On a more positive note, I am glad that you've stopped drinking Dennis.


Dennis Flora N6UGY said...

Quitin the drinking was easy, but my 4 pack a day cig habit I can't seem to stop. It's a good thing I get SSI to help pay for my smokes othewise I would have to get a real job.


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