Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Someone is listening to 3.720

Because I received this GREAT audio clip of artie w6obb and Jim ki6gu discussing MONEY, the parody I did with Bill Crowell w6wbj. This was apparently recorded on 10.22.2007.

Seems artie listened and didn't like nor approve of my voice or lyrics. He calls it 'old lady rap'.

Well jeeze, for one thing, I AM an old lady (lady being the key word), and I admit it. Unlike artie, (who is NOT a gentleman), I don't dye my hair, need someone to cook, do my laundry for me, or an almost child to provide sex. In 61 years of life, I have learned to take care of myself, do my own dishes, laundry, and live without a mate, as have MANY others in their 60's!

Besides, there are many that think the 'pap' he puts out on air is 'OLD MAN RAP'. (And he IS an old man!)

Not only that, but since the penis/money driven marriage to the young PI girl, Airyn, there are many that think his drivel is: FOOLISH, OLD MAN RAP! His constant on air praise of the PI's and it's culture? So just MOVE there! Take your bought and paid for wife and baby and just go already (Then Aisia Bell can put up her own 'ads for an american man' when she is 20.)

And that is the attitude of artie's 'pals', IF they are loyal members of the Cult of the Loop or other NAMBPIG's (North American Men Buying PI Girls), or in some way needing his money. Otherwise, artie aficionados, pals, admirers, indeed, even fans are dropping to the wayside in droves.

It is obvious by now that artie, the NAMBPIG's (North American Men Buying PI Girls), and some 'artie pals' have definitely chosen the 'low road' in life. (Easy to distinguish, the 'right thing' is always the hard way to go, whereas the 'wrong thing' is always the easy and self-serving choice. )

My opinion of artie's opinion (or his sicko pals) of anything NOW: a laugh and a loud RASPBERRY!

And come on! This is supposed to be a HOBBY, it's supposed to be FUN, (have artie and his NAMBPIG's furthered that in any way lately?).

So where IS artie's (your) sense of humor???

I not only had FUN doing the parody MONEY, but enjoy listening to it, and hearing the comments. (Still laughing at all you 'naysayers', and those that just didn't 'get it'!)


evvy garrett said...


Anonymous said...

Evvy, artie's opinion of you does not matter, you rap all you want, have fun & you don't even have to cook, clean or put up with the artie's of the world, cause you are way to intelligent & emotionally mature for his type. As far as being an ole lady, we all will grow old, (hopefully) & we all will die. No matter how much money or fame, it is inevitable. As we live our lives & when we meet our maker, we will all be known in some way or another. Some may be trustworthy, have honesty & integrity. They will be liked for who they are, not who they buy. On the other hand, some will be known as the advantage takers, deceitful, dishonest, untrustworthy, selfish & lack values & morals. They will justify their lack of fortitude & loyalty and blame others for their behaviors & actions never taking responsibility.
artie & his NAMBPIG's (North American Men Buying PI Girls) are immature men with the mental capacity of young teenage boys. Unable to accept that they are old enough to be the girls fathers or/and grandfathers. They are so insecure & have such low self esteem they have no confidence of having a relationship with a mature woman, so they choose young girls. artie's 'beloved' spouse dies at a young age. artie appears so distraught & in mourning. Yet he has time to meet, court & fall in love during the 3 months after his wife dies. I don't think it takes a brain surgeon to realize that something is just not right with this picture. If artie was so deeply in love, he could not begin to think of entering into a relationship, let alone do it like the day after the funeral. Sounds like the relationship was started long before he married the P. I . girl. As far as his fellow NAMBPIG's, they are living a fantasy that artie created. Only thing, the NAMBPIG's don't have arties money & one day those PI girls are going to realize this. Don't think buying PI girls come without a price. I know of some men that after the baby is born, the P.I. girl becomes a U.S. citizen & leaves, taking a healthy child support payment. Then they find someone closer to their own age & culture. Some will not leave, they just wait till the ole man dies & inherit his assets.
These men should be exposed as to who they really are and thanks to you, they are. No more pretending to be Mr. High & Mighty Morals. They have no integrity & would sell anyone out, including their PI brides. Most woman would take honesty, integrity, humor & kindness over money. Most woman would prefer a mature man that treat woman as equal with respect. Most men would want a woman that have the maturity to have adult conversations, some life experiences, cultures and customs that are similar. Then their is the artie followers. Creepy to think they are having sex with girls not only young enough to be their daughters, barely of age, but even granddaughters. Not only is their culture completely different, but they can't possibly have anything in common....except the immaturity. Pedophile behavior. Really creepy to think these men may have been around some of our daughters undressing them & having sex with them in their minds. Really sick.

Time for Ben, Martin & the other members of the NAMBPIG's to give up their full time Ham Careers & get paying
jobs to support their new brides & babies to come. Quite a costly purchase P.I. girls. They are coming to America, to dig for gold. Yes, they are 'hot', had lots of practice with lots of men to get all that experience to please their American husbands. Wonder how the new brides will be welcomed by their new mother in laws? Bet that will be fun.

Jethro Bodine Clampett said...

"...Most woman would take honesty, integrity, humor & kindness over money..."

Gol-lee, Ellie May, which side of da turnip truck did yew fall off of?

Anonymous said...

Wow Jethro, is that the best yew can do? Communication beyond a couple sentences beyond your capability. Still trying to get out of the maternal home?
You must be one of those NAMBPIG's. Or are you a wanna be NAMBPIG? Or maybe your buddy is one. There are MEN & WOMAN that exist in this world that do have integrity, humility, are honest & live there life by the golden rule; treat others how you would like to be treated. Then there are those that live by; do it to them, before they do it to you. Seems you favor the 2ND option. Not everyone on Ham radio have the point of view of the NAMBPIG's. Some actually like woman and some of the woman actually like men. They even treat each other with respect & don't hide their lives behind a radio & computer in a "Shack". Now go on Jethro, go back to 'em hills.

Anonymous said...

No comment, the defense rests your honor...

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, did I say go back to 'em hills? I meant, 'cave' man.


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