Sunday, March 26, 2006

The still mysterious missing artie

It’s been a week since artie w6obb, disappeared; a week since the last Grudge Report on the same. Indeed, we had to listen to a replay of his last night on c2c, and tonight George Noory is ‘sitting in’ for artie.

Rumors have quietly slid back and forth on the net; most unbelievable, silly or wild, like:

  • he has joined a monastery, is going to become a priest (I thought he was already a Lord?)

  • he is going to sell his Pahrump Spread and if off looking for a buyer

  • he’s being treated for depression in an in-patient facility (wouldn’t SteveO kg6txh love that?)

  • he’s off setting up the legalities of his new ‘pay’ radio program

  • he’s with his Mother who is very ill

Some say they’ve heard from him, some say they haven’t, and some say ‘give a shit’. Me, I’ve heard nothing that could be legit, AND tracked down.

I would like to point out though, that Carl Richardson kb5fjx, who has been a frequent poster to this Blog, and to date has always been a truthful person, hasn’t uttered one word of denial that artie went with him to the Philippines to wife shop! And yes, he has a laptop with him…


KI6GU said...

Art is in North Carolina visiting his mother and sisters.

bob said...

how do you know this jim ?

VectorControl said...

Hey Bob, didn't you know, GU is the "Official person of all things Art" ... well at least he was anyway till Artie fired him. Ha Ha

KI6GU said...

I know it because Art called me last Wednesday and told me he was going to North Carolina for a couple of weeks to visit his Mother and that one his sisters would also be there. I told him about all the wild speculation about what he is up to and he got a good laugh out of it. I also asked him if he wanted to keep his trip a secret or if it would be okay for me to reviel this information and he said he didn't care.

Bill Crowell said...

KI6GU wrote: "I know it because Art called me last Wednesday and told me he was going to North Carolina for a couple of weeks to visit his Mother."

Jim, I'll bet you a nickel that this was a "cover story", and that he's not really visiting his mother. In the first place, he said on his show that he was going to do something "radical", and visiting his mother is definitely NOT "radical". Also, you know how easily bored Artie is, and I think he would find a 2-week visit to his mother 'way too boring. Last, he told me on the air one time that he can't stand his sister, so it doesn't seem to me that there's any way he would want to spend two weeks with her. I'll bet that loser DID go to the Philippines to get another woman. He's one of those guys who's blinded by the vaginal hairs and can't get along without a woman, plus he was so spoiled by Ramona because she did everything for him that he can't get along without another female slave. I'll bet he's really buddy-buddy with Ramona's mother (remember how her family stayed at his house after she died), and her mother is going to find another Filipino concubine for him. Maybe Ramona had an eligible sister who wants to come to this country and be kept by a rich guy like Artie.

Anonymous said...

Bill… You fool. Why don’t you spend more time on your juvenile delinquent son who flunked a grade of school? Instead you focus way too much time behaving like a clown. Nobody takes you seriously anymore and you lost what little credibility you had.

evvy said...

GU wrote: I know it because Art called me last Wednesday and told me

And what makes u think he didn't lie to you???

evvy said...

n6ayj wrote: I'll bet that loser DID go to the Philippines to get another woman.

As I so stated in my original article!

However, I don't think he'll 'bring one home'. Oh no, he's interviewing (shopping). And in 6 - 8 months, when visa is arranged, etc. He'll introduce a 'new bride' that he's 'madly' in love with...

evvy said...

n6ayj wrote: He's one of those guys who's blinded by the vaginal hairs and can't get along without a woman

For someone who is always critical of the grammar, english, communication skills of EVERYONE else; I'd like to point out that a vagina has NO hairs!

If u are so uneducated as to the basic female anatomy (and terminology) - no wonder u can't keep a woman!

Conversely, if your woman have HAD hair in their vaginas, perhaps you've been consorting with trans-sexuals and not legitimate (genetic) women all these years?

KI6GU said...

Actually, I have been thinking about this and I think Billy is probably right. Art did call me and tell me that he was going to visit with mom and I simply took his word for it. The more I think about it though, it just does not ring true and Art certainly will not hesitate to lie if the ends justify the means in his mind. That certainly happened when he had me bounced from the hamcams site and the smeter site. He lied and said that Paul (hamcams) and Bob (smeter) acted completely independantly but I know better. The guy's a real piece of work!


WB6BNQ said...

Evvy said "For someone who is always critical of the grammar, english, communication skills of EVERYONE else; I'd like to point out that a vagina has NO hairs!"

As an UP-standing member of the Carpet Cleaners Union, I will have to disagree.


evvy said...

wb6bnq wrote:
As an UP-standing member of the Carpet Cleaners Union, I will have to disagree.

Unbelievable! No wonder you guys have 'women' problems. You obviously need some very basic anatomy lessons.

1) Do a Google.
2) FROM HOUGHTON MIFFLIN DICTIONARY: Vagina - The passage leading from the opening of the vulva to the cervix of the uterus in female mammals.

Anonymous said...

Jim :I believe Art did go to North Carolina to visit his family just like he told you. Why would he lie? Come on Jim, and Billy you both are wound up way too tight and not just about Art, but about everything........Jim says, he doesn't care about being kicked off the smeter site and hamcams, then he goes on and on about why, does anyone know ...and he's going to get to the bottom of this.......but no he says it's everyone else that's wound too tight. Give me a break already. You two are just pitiful. Billy is an evil manipulative person, who has used Jim's weaknesses, (mainly his enormous ego and jealousy) to further his own goals. They are both jealous of Art. It is sad, because Art REALLY would like to be able to confide in you Jim like a friend and trust you, but he has learned the hard way, that it is impossible while you continue to drink like you do and lose your mind. It's very sad. You are a blabbermouth and will tell the whole world anything and everything anyone tells you.

As a matter of fact, I've been listening for a very long time now, and I have never heard Jim say anything positive about what Art does. Not once, or how good Art is at being a talk show host, when he knows clearly, that Art wouldn't have gotten this far in his career had he not been REAL GOOD at it. No Jim claims over and over that it was just pure LUCK that took Art to where he is......

Art IS very good at communicating and talk, and causing his listeners to like him . Art even wrote a book about the "Art of Talk".

Now Jim when you and Billy accomplish something that even comes anywhere close to what Art has done, then people might have just a little respect for you.

The fact that you don't have any respect for Art just shows how intimidated you are by his achievements. You can sit there and say, you two aren't jealous all you want. I think you are trying to make yourself believe that nonsense.

It is really sad, I have heard Jim and Art talk for years now.....and I'm still waiting for Jim to show Art just a little respect. Just a little tiny bit. But it never comes. Oh he wants Arts undivided attention and Arts acceptance of his ideas or thoughts on certain matters, but soon after he achieves that, he goes back into his drunken mass of gunk mode, which makes him unreasonable.
It is very plain to see, and doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

Art and many people almost feel sorry for the bastards and think Jim is just pitiful drunk and Billy is a very evil influence. Jim IS pitiful. But regardless of their specific roles in these unmerciful relentless attacks on Art and Arts character starting back in December 2005, what they have set out to do, they did together. They drove the group away, THEY did it, it wasn't because Art wasn't there either.

Whenever the group would congregate on 3847, Billy would move from 3840 to (jam, interrupt,breaking in) into their conversations and piss everyone off on 3847. Finally after this happening over and over, the group got tired of dealing with Billy (that has nothing better to do with his poor excuse for a life,) and left. Yes n6ayj Billy started it by jumping in and saying over and over "I love Jamming, I love Jamming. Jamming is the best part of ham radio don't you think? Oh its great man" He would go into hours and hours of diatribe about this, constantly like a blithering idiot. Night after night, hour after hour for months. No one wanted him there, and he was asked to leave, which of course he wouldn't ever do it.

Billy and Jim want both 3847 and 3840. They can't have both, they need to choose one. For now,I guess they have decided to take over 3847. So they have relinquished any rights to 3840 now.

I suggest that whomever is on 3840 in qso, to not even speak to them. If they jump in there together and take over, then that is illegal and should be reported and documented. It doesn't say in the 97 rules that we have to acknowlege the devil or any of his followers on the ham bands.

The bottom line is this. Jim has to choose between Billy and Art. Who is it gonna be Jim? Oh maybe he already has chosen Billy. Ok then, well then you two fag-lovers need to decide on one frequency and stay off the others or better yet, just run off and get married somewhere and leave everyone else alone.

Anonymous said...

Well said!

Bill Crowell said...

What a bunch of crap. Art and his fucktard fans did themselves in. We gave them fair warning of what was going to happen, but they just wouldn't listen, and they have no one but themselves to blame for the fact that their group of klingons evaporated. No, we have absolutely no intention of letting anonymous idiots like you "play FCC" and tell us on what frequencies we can operate. We will operate on 3840, 3847, or any other frequency for which we are licensed to operate, whenever we want to, and if you don't like it you can just keep on pounding pud like you have been doing. The very idea that I would give a rat's ass about what an anonymous loser like you thinks of me is ludicrous, as is the idea that I am jealous of a dumb shit like Art Bell. I mean, the guy has nothing going for him except that he got lucky. He's not very smart, he can't write, and he made his money by being disingenuous (i.e., lying). It makes me vomit to even CONTEMPLATE the sorry-ass life that he leads, and for you to suggest that Jim or I are jealous of the mess he has made for himself shows a real lack of discernment. No, we aren't going anywhere. We are going to be on 75 meters every night, having a good time, despite your attempts to jam us. Maybe one day your hero Riley Hollingsworth will get his act together and bust your ass, and then we'll REALLY have the last laugh, although we have been doing pretty well in the "last laugh" department recently as it is. So 73, good luck in the contest, and remember that suicide is always an alternative. Your friend, Bill Crowell, N6AYJ (NOT anonymous because, unlike you, I have a pair of balls!)

evvy said...

n6ayj wrote:
(NOT anonymous because, unlike you, I have a pair of balls!)

And a brain and the ability to cognitively assess the world around you (unlike some others).

Trish-k4ze said...

Boy that sure struck a nerve huh Billy?
Hey settle down it's ok. All the jamming getting to ya? I thought you loved jamming. No I don't have balls like you. But I acknowlege the posting above and I'd like to add some more.

With much thought beforehand, I have decided to speak my peace here, since every time I tried to comfront Jim Ki6gu and Billy n6ayj on the radio about these issues, they talked over me and wouldn't let my voice be heard. They just love doing that. People have told me this who were listening to the conversations. So here goes what's on my mind , without any interference from them.

If you still have any question about who posted, you can go here;

KI6GU said...

Billy is much brighter and far more articulate than most of the hams on 75 meters. He's way above average intelligence and that really pisses off the "moral" hams because despite their superior morals, they NEVER win when they take him on. He's able to pull the strings of the fucktards and have them dancing like a master puppeteer. And the really pathetic thing is they never learn from their mistakes!


Anonymous said...

Jim you are Billy’s biggest puppet. He has been yanking your strings all along. When the time comes he will turn on you, that is his nature. The reason “they NEVER win” is because no one wants to. Billy will stoop to levels so VILE that the only way to as you say “WIN” is stoop even lower. I don’t think that is possible. If it was possible who would want to?

Bill Crowell said...

Hey, Jim, how come it doesn't feel like I'm "pulling your strings"? Goddammit, if you're going to be my puppet, you're supposed to do what I TELL you to do! Some puppet you are: Always contradicting and disagreeing with me! I'm going to have to try to get you expelled from the marionette's union. You're obviously unqualified for the position!

Anonymous said...

KI6GU wrote
“He's way above average intelligence”
Your way off here Jim. Even a below average intelligence lawyer lives in a better shit hole than that crap trailer dump Billie lives in.
Hmmm…. I wonder if the city and county are aware of the shoddy additions he has made to his trailer. Worth a call now isn’t it.

Trish-k4ze said...

Jim and Billy the April Fools............
Really they manipulate each other. Jim needs a lead guy or front guy, because he can't take the lead ROLE himself. Jim is incapable of going it alone. I'm sorry Jim, it's true. You know it is. Really Billy has taken Arts place for Jim's co-dependant personality. And Billy knows this and takes full advantage of it. So Jim is caught in his own dispicable net and he CAN'T GET OUT! SAD!

evvy said...

k4ze wrote:
If you still have any question about who posted, you can go here;

uhh, Trish, your 'blog' url was so long it didn't post here...

But u have given me an idea...

evvy said...

k4ze wrote:
Jim and Billy the April Fools............

Oh how quickly we forget those who've come to our rescue when we've asked!

Bill Crowell said...

Trish, it is really good that you are staying off the air more these days, and instead paying more attention to your wonderful husband. He is, after all, the one who, by his hard work and devotion, makes it possible for you to play with your radios as much as you do, spend so much money on the hobby and indulge all your other interests. Although you showed your husband a lot of disrespect by the way you used to stay on the air for hours and hours talking to all manner of strange men, and paying your husband no attention whatsoever, I am glad that you saw the error of your ways after I pointed out to you how you were coming across to everyone as a complete ingrate, and that you have now started to give your fantastic husband a lot of love and devotion. Although this will certainly reduce the amount of time that you can spend on the air, I know it will eventually give you a great deal more happiness than talking to strange, fat dweebs on the ham radio would provide. You're doing the right thing, Trish! Keep up the good work! And say hello to your Old Man for me. I would really like to meet him sometime. He sounds like a real prince, and you are lucky to have him.

Trish-k4ze said...

evvy said: Oh how quickly we forget those who've come to our rescue when we've asked!

5:52 PM
I never asked anyone to come to my rescue, and for your information it was Greg who took the lead in doing that at the time. So don't give me way. Jim was a follower, Greg the leader. And I haven't forgotten that for one minute. Greg was the one who called and consoled me when I was in despair, not Jim. You see Jim never takes the lead role. And Billy surely wasn't involved at all. That is why I have been very patient with Jim, because I haven't forgotten...but I really think I've given him enough time to come to his senses. There is nothing more to say about this.

Bill Crowell said...

Hmmm, let's think about all the reasons I'm jealous of Art:

1. I graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and Hastings College of the Law. I have a Juris Doctor degree. Art never graduated from college.

2. Art is a chain smoker and has a bad back. I neither drink nor smoke, am in excellent health and quite athletic.

3. Art has more money than I do, but I have enough to be comfortable and don't have to work anymore. Art made his money by lying to the public, while I made mine by being scrupulously honest.

4. By his own admission, Art can't find his ass with both hands. He can't cook, can't balance a checkbook, doesn't even know how to use an ATM and can't fix his own radios. The only thing he does well is host a bullshit radio show whose demographic is the dumbest of the dumb. On the other hand, I am multi-talented: excellent cook, carpenter, auto mechanic, electronics technician, athlete, writer, litigator and much more knowledgeable and widely-read than Art.

Yes, I can see that I have a lot of reason to be jealous of him. Right.

Trish, Jim and I NEVER talked over you on the air. The fucktards just told you that in an attempt to stir up trouble, because they didn't want you to be friends with Jim and me. You really need to stop believing everything those assholes tell you.

KI6GU said...

Billy's absolutely right! You people are so dense that apparently it is inconceivable to you that anyone could possibly criticise Art unless they were jealous. Art is not a very smart man (at least not as smart as he likes to think he is). What is very good at is bullshitting naive gullible stupid people. That's how he has made his living and I must admit, that I never suspected there were so many morons out there, but Art discovered there was an audience of these halfwits willing to believe the most ridiculous postulation put forth by the "scholars" and "scientists" he presents on his show. P.T. Barnum was right!


trish-k4ze said...

Say what you want to Jim. Art knows you very well doesn't he? OH MY! LOL

Bill Crowell said...

Wow, Jim, have you noticed how all the fucktards have been acting really weird lately? I think they're going crazy. It must be The Quickening!

trish-k4ze said...

It's not smart to underestimate your opponent. Aye?

Anonymous said...

That’s it Billy keep pulling your puppet GU strings. Hey Jim think this way. Hey Jim lets bash this guy. Hey Jim WE don’t like what this guy said. It is really quite comical. It is almost like GU has a receiver up his ass and Bill has the remote control. It is quite clear who is pulling the strings. Gu is simply Billy’s mindless tool.

trish-k4ze said...

You just don't get it Jim. You are blinded by your own lusts or greed or a very sick mind. I think you really have a problem. For the most part, the subject matter you two talk about is Art. You are consumed by him somehow. And Billy's other favorite subject is queers. That's about it. It's very boring.

I expected more out of Jim. You think because Arts listeners like him and would want to talk to him, that somehow they are of a lower class of people, dumber than a rock, who have no brain cells whatsoever. That is totally ridiculous. You think that people who listen to his show believe everything that is talked about. This is totally wrong. You then bring it over to the ham bands too, so that anyone who would like to talk with him on the ham bands as well, that they are the mental midgets, and that is a complete and total fabrication on your part.

The denial of your not being jealous, is falling on deaf ears. No one believes you, because you prove otherwise by your own actions. You do it to yourself.

Art has been given a gift of gab that can't be learned in any classroom, but that which is given to you from birth, along with life experiences. Moving a lot as a child helps in developing this skill too. But it's hard being the new kid in class every couple of years.

It is fun to talk to Art. How many hours have YOU spent talking to him? You miss it because You loved talking with him. You have to have someone who gives you undivided attention. Art sensed this and complied with you for a long time. Yes, You spent many many hours talking to him all to yourself...just you and Art...yes you miss it.... you two would go on for hours every single night. Now look at that pointed finger of yours which you aim at people you call ftards---it's pointed right back atcha. A prime example of nothing but contradition and hypocrosy in its fullest expression.

Why do you think so many people have called into Arts show over the years to talk to him? If he weren't good at it, no one would ever call-in would they? To be successful in that industry you have to have a certain amount of magnetism and charisma too. It is a gift, baby either you have it or you don't. Jim, I'm sorry , but you don't, and never will, so get over it and just move on. The show he does is entertainment for people, surely that isn't too hard for you to understand.

Now, reason with me a minute...Why can't you ever show just a little respect for the man and leave him ALONE? if for nothing else, but out of respect for his departed wife and the hell he's been through? HUH? Is that really so hard for you? Look into your soul Jim? It must be a very dark empty cold place. I sincerely don't know how you live with yourself. I guess it takes a whole lot of booze to help you forget. I suggest you do some soul searching before it's too late. As for Billy, don't even waste your time looking for one. You guys are way out there on a broken limb and a great fall is inevitable. Someone could really get hurt. Your unprovoked vendetta is against what? and who? and for what? It makes no sense at all. The only thing you prove is you are in the same boat as everyone else and you hate yourselves...because you want to talk to Art Bell. The only difference is we have respect for other people, and you two do not. Your relentless verbal attacks on Arts character on the air, makes you and Billy look more and more like a fool.

And after all your hard work, Billy especially, man you have put such long hours, for months on end now and to finally realize you have gained absolutely nothing, must be devastating to you.

Bill Crowell said...

Trish, you are cute when you get angry!

Anonymous said...


Who is Art Bell?

Art Bell is a nationally [U.S.] syndicated talk show host. He'll tell you his show is heard worldwide (via the internet), but the recent addition of a "Toll-free International line" has yet to produce one coherent call, and has been all but abandoned.

There are actually two Art Bell shows, Coast to Coast AM, and Dreamland. Coast to Coast is heard weeknights from 10pm to 3am (Pacific time), and Dreamland is heard on Sunday nights from 6pm to 9pm. The show deals with such hard-hitting topics as "Earth Changes", "UFO's", "The Government Hates You", "Bad Computer Advice" and "The Quickening". In covering these topics, the sub-groups of paranoia, fear and ignorance also crop up very frequently.

Art is quite proud of the fact that he has no call screener, though one listen to the show will make you wonder about the wisdom of this decision.

The program is broadcast from the spare bedroom of Bell's mobile home in the desert of Nevada (Art says, "The way they build these things nowadays, they're just as good as a real house..."). There is no truth to the rumor that he does the show naked. The recent addition of a live in-studio camera has put an end to any such speculation (though nudity may be preferable to his seemingly endless collection of cheesy t-shirts). It's also rumored that Bell is often drunk when he does the show, though it's unlikely this could be proven in a court of law.


What is "The quickening"?

"The Quickening" is a postulation put forth by Bell that maintains that the negative events in the world are escalating at a frightening rate, soon to wipe us all out in an orgy of drive-by shootings, massive earthquakes and Democrats being elected to congress. Callers pointing out that "everything seems to speed up as you age" have been brushed aside by Art, who clings to his beliefs like a frightened child clings to his mother's skirt on the first day of kindergarten.

The guests on Bell's program all have their own twisted little doomsday prophecies that dovetail quite nicely with the "Quickening" theory. The fact that 99% of his guests are certifiably insane doesn't seem to phase Bell in the least.

Anything can become a part of The Quickening, from the smallest news report ("A teenage mother discarded her newborn in a dumpster...a sure sign of 'The Quickening!'"), to the most ridiculous quasi-religious claptrap ("The numbers 666 came up in the California daily lottery...I wouldn't cash in that ticket! Have you noticed how often these numbers appear lately? It's a sure sign of 'The Quickening'!"). The novice listener may tend to become alarmed at the constant state of doom Bell predicts. Just keep listening and soon you'll realize that Art is a few ants shy of a picnic, then you can enjoy the show for it's unintentional humor.


Where can I get more information about Art Bell?

The first place you'll want to look is the Art Bell web site. This is the "official" web site, maintained by a cleverly trained monkey who communicates with sign language and marginal HTML skills (recently enhanced by the purchase of an expensive HTML editor that does a lot of the thinking for him). The same simian also runs the mailing list, and dispenses tips to the subnormals on the censored list on how to harass and shut down anyone that publicly disagrees with Bell.

The "official" bell web site ("my web page", as you'll hear Arty say fifty or sixty times a night) is home to dozens of snapshot-type photos of bell, his family and his cats (yes, his cats), and links to the pages of the half dozen recurring characters (a.k.a. guests) on the show. Especially compelling are pictures of an actual "chupacabra", spontaneous human combustion and ghosts. All things that couldn't possibly be faked photographically...

Two other web sites of note are Tim Hill's "Art Bell parody page", an archive of top secret photos and information, and the "airstream chronicles", the true stories of life in an airstream trailer (which may or may not be parked out behind Art Bell's double-wide trailer, depending on whether Bell's crack legal staff is on the warpath).

Be forewarned that the latter two sites offer information that many may consider to be somewhat detached from reality, but a closer look will prove that the truth is represented on these sites in just as great an abundance as it is on Bell's radio program.


What are "Art's Parts"?

"Art's Parts" is Mrs. Bell's pet name for Arty's genitals (a.k.a. "Little Big Man", "The Angstrom", "Mighty Mite" and "Dr. Tickle").


Bell's advertisers

Art has a few steady sponsors, most notably a mysterious electronics company that is virtually unknown outside of Bell's realm. They sell radios, fax machines and antennas at prices that may or may not be just this side of larceny (debate on this subject is ongoing and inconclusive). According to Bell, everything they sell is "built like a tank", but apparently they are very rare tanks, since they always seem to be "just about to run out" of almost every item they offer.
The same company is the manufacturer of a doomed-from-the-start "video phone" computer device that only worked over regular phone lines - not on the net. Apparently no one in Research & Development ever considered the fact that dialing someone long distance just to look at grainy, jerky pictures of them was a bad, bad idea. Heralded as "a paradigm shift", and "the greatest invention of my lifetime" by Bell, the "video phone" device seems to have died a quiet death.

Also available from one of Bell's favorite advertisers is a $600 set of magnets that the unfortunate buyer wing-nuts onto the water pipes leading into the house. These magnets exhibit some magical properties that "actually change the molecular structure of the water" (though Bell has recently backpedalled and dropped this often-used hyperbole). There was a caller who claimed to have sold the shady magnets at one time and tried to warn people away from them (saying the only thing they even negligably worked on were PVC pipes - like those leading to mobile homes), but Bell hung up on him saying that he "had an agenda".
The water magnet company has recently offered "dealerships". Yes, for a small investment, you too can peddle worthless voodoo crap to your friends and family.

Various other items include a spray on aspirin product (recently offered in a roll-on version - apparently for people with sore armpits), a flower company that will ship you a "mugungous" box of "miniature carnations" (whatever the hell they are), a series of painfully ridiculous Mayan-themed new age records (you'll hear them used as "bumpers" on the program), and various shady investment schemes that prey upon gullible people who's fears of "The Guvamint" have been fueled by Bell and other reactionary lunatics populating the AM (or for the terminally paranoid, shortwave) dial.

Depending on where you're listening, chances are most of the ads you'll hear will be public service announcements. Apparently no large, reputable companies are willing to advertise on Bell's program, even though he has at times claimed to have as many as 20 million listeners.


Why can't I find Art's book in a bookstore?

Arty's book, "The Art of Talk", is available only through an 800 number, direct from the strip-mall print shop where it was "published". Theories vary as to why it wasn't published by a real publisher (Bell claims he had offers from "major" publishing houses), with the likely reasons being greed (bigger piece of the pie for Bell, going the vanity press route) and fear of public failure (four foot high stacks of "The Art of Talk" in the remainders section of your local Barnes & Noble for a buck each).

Bell didn't really write the book, but talked into a tape recorder for an hour and a half and sent the results off to a transcription service to be typed up and sent to the print shop. People who have actually read the book say the proof-reading process seems to have been completely bypassed, as the book is riddled with typos and grammatical errors. For $28.95 (plus $5 for fourth class postage!) you too can own the hefty 168 page masterpiece.

The Quickening - is Bell's second book, and while he went with the same "publisher" and mail order distribution, he's now reporting that it will be available in regular bookstores. While we've had no reports of anyone actually seeing it in a bookstore, we believe Art is telling us the truth. Art always tells us the truth!

Monday October 20 - news flash! bell reported tonight that "The Quickening" is now #4 on the New York Times list! Is that the Non-Fiction bestsellers list? no. he's referring to the NYT "business" list. What the hell is that? If anyone has information re: sales required to make the list as bestseller "business" vs. bestseller Non-Fiction, let me know...

trish-k4ze said...

Trish, you are cute when you get angry!
# posted by Bill Crowell : 11:14 AM

Billy is that the best you can do? Come on, surely you can do better than that? Guess not huh? You must be just putting in too many hours and you are just worn out. Since it is YOU who is doing all the work. Yes you have worked long and hard, heck for months now since December is it? Starting at 7:00 p.m. and going to 4:00 a.m. in the morning, that's almost a 12 hour shift there, and no days off either. Sheesh! Must be hard for you fighting for a such a "lost cause" such as this.

Oh well..........

I am so glad that Billy and Jim's "day of reckoning" was delayed until now, so that Art can take part in the satisfaction of seeing their demise along with everyone else. LOL This is going to be fun watching this....just too good. This is GREAT! Perfect timing I would say. Yes there is justice in this world after all.

Bill Crowell said...

Trish, I didn't post the stuff immediately preceding your last post. Somebody else copied it off an alt-Art Bell group and posted it here. Like I said earlier, I always sign my correct name to my posts.

Do you mind if I inquire what you mean about my "day of reckoning"? I really don't understand that. Please explain. Thank you.

Bill Crowell said...

Trish, K4ZE, wrote: "I never asked anyone to come to my rescue, and for your information it was Greg who took the lead in doing that at the time. So don't give me way. Jim was a follower, Greg the leader."

Wrong again, Trish! You're having selective recall. It was Jim who called me and urged me to get involved in the "Pilgrimage to Pahrump" debacle, and Greg who was in the background.

Look, I know you're upset that you haven't been able to operate your online receiver the way you want to, but do you really think it is right for you to engage in such gratuitous ad hominem attacks just because you can't use a stupid piece of ham equipment you bought? Or was that how you intended to gain ham radio fame, and those plans have been sidetracked? Either way, you're displaying a very immature, selfish and mercenary side of your personality which I find very unattractive. Why don't you place the blame where it belongs: on Art and his fucktard followers? After all, they're the ones who tried to break up the group just because Art stupidly and childishly took offense at some criticism from Jim. How can you blame us for what happened? Art and his fucktards just wanted to do a limited breakup, but we decided to take the breakup to its logical conclusion. You might ever say we were doing what Art and his fucktard fans said they WANTED. We just gave them more "breakup" than they bargained for. Maybe next time they'll be careful what they wish for.

Anonymous said...

Bill… Lets look at some of your accomplishments. Several failed marriages, A delinquent son who flunked out in school and is a self confessed jammer according to your good friend Wingnut ( apple doesn’t fall far from the tree). You live in a shit cave, and quit working only to reduce your alimony and child support. Spend all day on a hobby you claim is useless. Yep what a life.

Bill Crowell said...

My, there, Mr. No-Balls Anonymous, you sure as hell don't know what you're talking about, do you?

"Several failed marriages"

I'm extremely proud of myself that I stood up for myself and didn't let the bitches screw me around, and am extremely happy being a bachelor. I get to do exactly what I want. Can you say as much?

"A delinquent son who flunked out in school"

No, au contraire, he is very well-behaved, never had any problem with the cops, and is getting almost straight A's in school, including an A+ in Advanced Alegebra. He's one of the best students in his class. He doesn't have to work too hard in school, either, because he's really smart like his father.

"and is a self confessed jammer"

Yes, since he is so smart, he knows that the only thing ham radio is good for is jamming, but he doesn't jam. I set a better example than that! But he'd never get his ham license. He realized right away that there's too much risk of becoming a fucktard by hanging out with all the other fucktards like you.

"You live in a shit cave"

Hmmm, you've obviously never seen my house, have you? It's very nice, actually, but I don't want to brag. And, since your idol Artie also lives in a mobile home like mine, aren't you in effect calling HIS place a "shit cave", too? Wait until he returns from the Philippines and I tell him what you said!

"and quit working only to reduce your alimony and child support."

My, you don't know much about the support laws, either, do you? When you have as much money and property as I've got, there is NO WAY you're going to avoid making huge support payments, which I gladly do because I want my kids to have all the advantages.

"Spend all day on a hobby you claim is useless."

Not all day; just the late evening hours. And no, I don't just CLAIM it's useless; it IS useless!!

Nice try, though, attempting to show that you know something about me. But really pretty transparently wrong. You're going to have to try harder than that. Why don't you come over here and take some pictures of my place and post them on if you think it's so bad? I DARE you! You won't do it, though, because you're nothing but a no-balls bullshit artist who's too chickenshit to give his real name, and doesn't want everybody to know what a liar he is.

Anonymous said...

Owner of the shit cave wrote…

“Hmmm, you've obviously never seen my house, have you? It's very nice, actually, but I don't want to brag.”

Now really Bill… Get real, your Shit cave is a run down trailer with crap additions that
You built without pulling permits. The reason you have no permits is the whole mess is not built to code. You are setting up a straw man here just like you set up your straw additions.

“He's one of the best students in his class.”

He is also the oldest kid in his class…..
Your son flunked a year of school yet you fail to face the truth. It must be hard face the fact you could have saved him this embarrassment. If only you had spent more time with him than ham radio. I understand why you are so angry at this wonderful hobby. You have my pity.

Bill Crowell said...

Dear Anonymous No-Balls: You sure as hell don't know what you're talking about. Again, I challenge you to come over to my place and take a picture. Then post it on so everybody will know what a liar you are. On the other hand, they wouldn't know who was doing the lying because you're an Anonymous No-Balls. And if you think I didn't get permits for my lovely additions, I suggest you complain to the County and see what happens. No, my son is not older than the other kids in his class. You just don't know what you're talking about, No-Balls. Give it up. Don't make it any more painfully clear that you're an Art Bell Fucktard than it already is. I'm busy, so leave me alone. I've got to get back to raising hell on the radio.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill… I have something better than fucktard. How about FLUNKTARD.
Have a nice day.

KN6Z Glenn said...

Wow. There is some serious shit going down in here.

Anonymous said...

You Fucktards are out of your league; you will NEVER win! Give it up!

Trish-k4ze said...

Bill Crowell said...
Trish, K4ZE, wrote: "I never asked anyone to come to my rescue, and for your information it was Greg who took the lead in doing that at the time. So don't give me way. Jim was a follower, Greg the leader."

Wrong again, Trish! You're having selective recall. It was Jim who called me and urged me to get involved in the "Pilgrimage to Pahrump" debacle, and Greg who was in the background.

Billy you really shouldn't comment on things you know nothing about. There you go again, trying to speak for Jim. Let him speak for himself. Why do you keep doing that? You were not involved in that situation at all. No you are wrong just because Jim called you has nothing to do with my
comments. There is no hope for you. Do you really think anyone believes anything you have to say?
I don't think so.

trish-k4ze said...

KI6GU said...
I know it because Art called me last Wednesday and told me he was going to North Carolina for a couple of weeks to visit his Mother and that one his sisters would also be there. I told him about all the wild speculation about what he is up to and he got a good laugh out of it. I also asked him if he wanted to keep his trip a secret or if it would be okay for me to reviel this information and he said he didn't care.


You know Jim, at this point, I have to ask, why do you and the other A1 desola-TORS care about where Art has gone or what he is doing? Are you so consumed by Art that this is SO important to you? If he went to visit his mom and sis, so what? He can go and do anything he wants. If he chooses to tell you something TRUE or NOT at this point, it doesn't matter. You KNOW WHY? Because YOU don't deserve to know the truth about anything concerning him anymore. Art owes you absolutely NOTHING. man. AT least nothing GOOD. You have crossed the line this time,BOY.

My God Jim, I have tried to think the best about you, and hoped you would eventually come to your senses. I thought sure you would see what the heck you were doing, given enough time. But you haven't. Not at all. What is WRONG WITH YOU? Have you TOTALLY lost your mind? You can't have much respect for yourself since you show others such little. You've gone way too far this time. You have not been a friend to him, not even when he needed it the most. You are so blinded by your pride and really your colors have shown bud, you are the biggest prideful egotistical CHICKEN I've ever seen... with not enough self confidence to speak for yourself. You know what? You COULD have been such a help to Art, you really could have.

You used to have a personality that was good for him. Some people would not agree with me, but I believe so. After all the good times you guys had together. It is a sad thing, really sad. But now, oh man! you have sunk SO LOW. You are GONE man! No doubt all that drinking has damaged your brain cells and have started to deteriorate and has also caused your morals to follow.

Good God in heaven, Jim! You aren't capable of being a friend to anyone in your sick depraved condition. Why should Art ever tell you anything truthful anymore?

After all your disgusting personal attacks directed at him. I don't see why Art doesn't take you clowns to court over what you have done to him. He will have many people that would be more than happy to speak in his behave.

My God Jim you really ARE a fool if you can't see this. To borrow a phrase from Steveo "You and Billy make me sick.". With friends like you, one need not have any enemies. Jim,I really thought YOU had some sort of moral concious, but I guess I was wrong about you. You know, it didn't HAVE to end like this.


Anonymous said...

Trish Wrote “There you go again, trying to speak for Jim. Let him speak for himself. Why do you keep doing that? “

Bingo! Billy speaks for Jim all the time. Billy carefully controls the whole conversation and is quick to steer back in the direction he desires. I am embarrassed for Jim. It really makes him look quite the fool.

Anonymous said...

I'm still not exactly sure how it came about, but it was Saturday afternoon, arty's "little woman" had the barbecue going, and I sat in the airstream with bell, Leonard Nimoy and David Oates. Oates and I had engaged in a fistfight earlier in the day, and he was holding a dirty, wet dishrag against his left eye while he sucked down the cheap grocery store vodka I kept on hand for visitors (six dollars for a 1.75 liter plastic jug - but bell seems to like it). I'd already dressed the wound on my shoulder where Oates had bitten me, and I had a call in to Doc Perez over at Pahrump General Hospital to get checked first thing in the morning for rabies or any other diseases that Aussie lunatic may have infected me with. His teeth were so broken and discolored that I was afraid of contracting some sort of aboriginal whooping cough from the bacteria that are likely still lurking in their jagged edges. Oates fought like a schoolgirl, but he could hold his liquor. In fact, the more he drank the less he stuttered and stammered, though his ideas made no more sense than they normally did. As usual, bell was half in the bag and shouting insults and threats, and, as usual, everyone was ignoring him. Nimoy and Oates were deep in a discussion about the possible ramifications of reversing alien speech when Ramona stuck her head into the airstream to let them know that their ostrich steaks were ready. bell shouted something about important research and threw the Nye County phone book at her. She spat back at him (missing by a good three feet, hitting the back of Nimoy's head instead) and screamed that she'd be leaving the steaks on the grill to "turn in from carbon or dust for all I care about!". bell poured another tumbler of vodka and turned his attention back to his guests.

"It certainly seems that much could be ascertained about the workings of the alien mind, using your techniques." Nimoy said.

"Yes indeed. My research would tend to indicate that the alien beings subconscious thought patterns would be extremely con, congruent due to their advanced state of acerbity." Oates pontificated ridiculously.

"Ass-er-bitey?" bell blurted, attempting a joke, "Dave, y'really think them aliens are into that homo stuff?" bell doubled over with riotous, self-induced laughter. When Nimoy gave him a sharp slap on the back of the head, it was our turn to laugh. But bell unexpectedly lunged at Nimoy and wrestled him to the ground.

Oates shrieked and said, "ge, get him off Mr. Spock! Oh, goodness! Goodness...".

But Nimoy wasn't having any trouble handling bell. he flipped him over on to his back and got on top of his chest, pinning bell's arms down with his knees. bell was jerking his head back and forth, struggling to break free while Nimoy flicked the end of bell's nose with his finger and laughed. While this was extremely humorous for a while, when Nimoy didn't stop after a couple minutes I began to get the creeps. The scene was too weird, even for the airstream. And besides, Oates was starting to cry.

"Better get off of him Nimoy," I said, "I think he's getting turned on."

"Oh christ, you think so?" Nimoy stopped flicking arty's nose. "You had enough, bell?"

"Get off of me you Vulcan bastard!" bell grunted.

"First you have to say 'uncle'," Nimoy taunted, "Go on, say it!"

"I won't! Let me up god damn it, I'm thirsty! This is inhuman!"

"Well," Oates chimed in, "tha, that's because he's only half human!"

Nimoy climbed back up into his chair, and it looked for a moment as if bell was thinking about attacking again, but he was a beaten man. He just crawled to his chair, pulled himself up, poured more booze and glared at Nimoy through the bent frames of his stylish aviator glasses.

Nimoy turned his attention back to Oates. "And you, what's with this 'Spock' shit? You realize, don't you, that Mr. Spock was a television character? Make-believe?"

"Stop it!" Oates whimpered, "I will not listen to any mo, more of this!"

"He's right David," I added, "there's no starship Enterprise either."

"No Enterprise, no Kirk, no Bones...," Nimoy looked at me and laughed, "no god damn Tribbles!"

Oates put his fingers in his ears and started humming and singing, "I can't hear you, I can't hear you...".

Bell continued to glare and pour down the rotgut, Oates was singing and Nimoy and I were laughing when Ramona came back into the airstream.

"What goes on in here?", she asked.

Bell didn't answer, so Nimoy grabbed Ramona around the waist and said, "Some of us are having a party! How about you?"

Mrs. Bell giggled coquettishly and led Nimoy from the airstream. "Come on into the big house," she said, "I have microwave popcorn and frozen White Castle hamburgers!"

Bell and Oates continued their autistic behavior, so I beat it out of the airstream and decided to head into the double-wide, but the door was locked and all the lights were out except for the Elvis lamp with the red and green "party bulbs". I built a fire over by the barbecue grill, sat down on a rock and waited for things to settle down.

The Truth said...

What do you mean we had to listen to a replay of his last night on c2c ???

It looks like you need a life, woman! Being an RF stalker isn't normal.

Bill Crowell said...

Trish, K4ZE, wrote: "After all your disgusting personal attacks directed at him. I don't see why Art doesn't take you clowns to court over what you have done to him. He will have many people that would be more than happy to speak in his behave."

Trish, I don't understand how you could say this. Don't you realize that we have free speech rights in this country, especially where a public figure like Art is concerned? Are you trying to say we can't criticize Art or CTC or else we will get sued? What have I said that was neither protected opinion or the truth? I said I don't think Art has too much talent, but that is just a matter of opinion. I said he got lucky, which is true. And I said he was disingenuous, which is also true. For example, look at the first page of the CTC website. First we are told that CTC is pure entertainment, and later it says we should take remote viewing seriously. And YOU'RE the one who keeps injecting Art into the discussion; I was only criticizing the fucktards, not Art, but you keep trying to set Art up as the recipient of the criticism. I actually feel Art would have had a better time on the radio if the fucktards had just left him alone. Then we could have treated him like a regular guy, and he could have had a relaxing time on the radio rather than all this unnecessary bullshit that we have had.

Anonymous said...

Insane asshole wrote…

“ And YOU'RE the one who keeps injecting Art into the discussion”

Gee Bill you are the one that talks about Art night after night. From observing your fixation on Art and your hatred of women one might conclude that you have some
sort of sexual attraction for Mr. Bell. Or your just a stalker trying to get attention brought to yourself. I for one believe is a combination of the two. Perhaps now that Art is single you can let your true feelings be known.

evvy said...

"The Truth" wrote:

>>>It looks like you need a life, woman! Being an RF stalker isn't normal.

I have a life. Am not a stalker. Which begs the question: who would I stalk and why???

KI6GU said...

I am stating this for the record. I just called and spoke with Art via his cell phone and I can tell you with absolute certainty he is definitely NOT in North Carolina and as a mater of fact, he isn't even in the United States. So when he returns and breaks the big news about what he's been up to, those of you who bought that BS about him visiting his mom are going to discover that you have been played for a fool! Now you can't say I haven't warn you.


04/10/2006 11:00PM Pacific time


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