Monday, October 03, 2005

Delilah!!! (Oh My! )

I was listening, almost intently, as the HAMS on 3.840 last night walked Trish k4ze, through exactly what she needed/wanted in a transceiver.

Glenn kn6z was particularly helpful, though I have no natural interest in the speed of light, etc, I was listening and learning from him (It's so nice to have a legit professor on air - but doesn't the guy have a pic more current than 1998 to put on QRZ?)

When Trish was finally able to articulate what, exactly, she wanted, there was a moment of utter silence. But the HAMS on air, accepted her answer with aplomb.

Trish wants a Transceiver that will make her SOUND LIKE Delilah!!!!

The on-air Hams treated her gently, and went off to Google Delilah (Click on link above to find what we all found.). Only Sue k7so, had what may have amounted to some sarcasm in her voice. Me? I was falling off my chair laughing! And, oh yea, I want a mirror that makes me LOOK like I'm a size 12...


Anonymous said...

Why does she want to sound like Tom Jones?

Anonymous said...

Hey--the male ESSBers all want to sound like Walter Cronkite, why shouldn't she want to sound like Delilah?

Within a week, somebody will record a Delilah radio show, run it thru an audio spectrum analyzer, and give her the right EQ settings.

The only remaining problem is that Delilah is from Oregon and Trish is from somewhere southeast of that...

Oh, and they don't MAKE a mirror that would make you look like a size 12. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Evvy's talking again. Blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah.


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