Monday, October 24, 2005

A Question Answered

For years now, various people have asked me why I haven't gotten my 'ticket'.

I've replied with the logical: not enough time, not enough money (it IS an expensive hobby), not enough energy. I'm NOT technically oriented.

Then too, I love being a SWL of 3.840. I love that voice in the night. I love being a 3.840 'commentator' (They may not admit it, but I enhance their 'group'). I love radio in all it's forms.

But after listening to 3.840 tonight and the conversations about:

1) cow farts
2) oil changes
3) signal strength
4) cholesterol meds
5) and some old coot asking Trish if her hubby 'let her' stay up all night to talk!
6) The Burrow Motel
7) eating at Denny's

It came to me in a flash! The real reason I don't get an amateur radio license became very clear; obviously I'm not stupid enough!


liveinthewire said...

Let me get this straight. You love listening to 3840 and its discussions of cow flatulence, etc. Yet rather than bringing up the tone a little by joining in, you prefer to passively absorb that available content.

Can that really be your answer? Is yet another opportunity for a better world lost?

evvy, don't give up so easily, we need you. Get in there, and make a difference.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men [and SWLs] to do nothing.”

evvy said...

liveinthewire, I will try to engage in conversation re this topic w/you, as I do have some thoughts on your comments. But I don't have the time at the moment.

I DO want to thank you though, for being one of the few that not only reads the 3840Grudge Report, but comments, AND does so using a 'known nick'!

You are a brave HAM!

Carl Richardson said...

Over the past 3 or 4 years I have been a listener and contributor to the 3840 group, but over the past 2 years I have not wasted my time. The conversations have turned from some interesting topics to more of stupidity and the same old drool of antennas and broadcast quality audio on the ham bands or the so called ESSB. I know that there are a number of reasons that people get involved in Amateur radio. In December of 1987 I obtained my ham ticket after an F-4 tornado hit West Memphis Arkansas and did major damage to the city and killed 7 people. I found that the communication infrastructure in the city and county collapsed and the only way to communicate into and out of the area was Amateur radio. So my interest in ham radio is primarily emergency communication. I don’t spend my time constantly playing with antennas or tweaking my audio, I have had the same antenna up for years now and it gets the job done. I am a member of the Arkansas ARES and RACES organizations and I am also a member and President of our county ham club. I really do not see that the conversations or events that take place on 3840 do very much to promote our hobby, but quite often do more harm then good. With the drunks, jammers, people spurting profanity, obscenities, verbal fights, arguments, and of coarse the same old topics of “THE LOOP”, transmit audio quality and on and on. I have moved to other frequencies where the topics are more to my interest. I really don’t have a problem with anyone that gets on 3840, but rather the conduct of a select few. I hope that in the future the conversations that take place there start to reflect more the spirit of Amateur Radio and help to promote the hobby rather then defile it.

Anonymous said...

Evvy, you are such a fucking idiot. Why don't you just flake off and die?

evvy said...

>>>Evvy, you are such a fucking idiot. Why don't you just flake off and die?

Troll, you're repeating yourself. At least try to entertain the readers!

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that on 3840 many rules are being broken. Not just the jammers or drunks but the normal players on there swearing and being dumb. There has to be something else to talk about besides loops and bass btw there is a point when there is to much bass. It sounds like a fart in the bathtub. Something funny happened the other night, the local group of loop and bass heads were complaining about the contesters and even walking on them with their big amps. Humm is that legal? I thought if you were licensed for a band you could talk on it??? I could be wrong.... Maybee I will have to read their version of the rules. Or maybee they think the rules don't apply to them. How would that be? I don't think I would recommend listening to 3840 to people under the age of 18, it might give them a loop and bass conflict. Maybee they would also want to have alot of cats. Someone should make a recording that states not for children under 18 and play it everynight. I had a group of scouts last weekend and tuned in 3840 and had to turn it off quick after hearing the stupidity and language that was going on. And you are making an example? One scout said to me shoot lets just use cellphones, thats scary... Oh well Keep up the good work being ham radio operators if you can call yourselves that...


Anonymous said...

Face it, Evvy: the real reason you never got yout license is because you're too lazy to learn the code and too dumb to learn the theory. And Carl, KB6FJX, was never a participant in the 3840 group. What a couple of losers!

Carl Richardson said...

I find it funny how someone that doesn't even know you can make commnets about you. And if you are ganna slam somone at least get there call right, Mine is KB5FJX! oh by the way i have been on 3840 plenty of times and talked to KC0HLX, KD7BCW, W6OBB, KD7KAU, KI6GU and a number of others that i can't remember. Next time you might check your facts a little better.


evvy said...

>>>What a couple of losers!

I may be a loser, depending on one's definition, though I certainly don't think so.

OTOH, YOU, by chosing to post anonymously, are definitely a 'hit & run' type at the best, or a COWARD at the worst.

Anonymous said...

Evvy, maybe you could loan Carl a wheelchair to use while he's recovering from his stomach-staple surgery.

Carl Richardson said...

No need evvy I changed my mind about that months ago. Plus who ever this is is just trying to pull our chain anyway and it's not worth the wast of time to respond. Well I need to run i have more importent things to do.



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