Saturday, December 31, 2005

Resolutions THEY should Make!

I resolve….

k4ze, Tennessee Trish, – to accept my OWN voice and diction, and be proud of it!
kd7bcw, Big Ben, – to find somewhere else to put my heart other than my sleeve!
kd7kau, Carey, – to stop saying that I’ll be back, cause I won’t.
kg6thx, SteveO, – to stay ON that wagon! That’s all I’m gonna say about that.
ki6gu, Burbank Jim, – to buy & read Etiquette for Dummies by Sue Fox, just for fun!
kn6z, Glen, – to find something ELSE to take pics of!
ks7o, Sue, – to read: Antenna Theory & Design by Robert Elliott
n5mza , Timmie, – to find something to do AWAY from the radio!
n6ayj, Billie the Vile, – to stop defecating in my own back yard.
n7js, Utah Jim, – to learn to rock the boat when I think it’s needed.
w6ezv, Greg the goon, – go to anger management classes and never threaten anyone again!
w6mku, Joanne – to remain always haughty.!
w6obb , artie, – to stop being so bossy, or un-retire, or both!
w7mag, Paul, – to put in writing what’s acceptable or not on HamCams.
w7lw, Melba Mac, – to send a few of those extra cow pies to some 3840 extra HAMS.
wq6i, Moody, – to intervene with sanity and a soothing voice instead of slinking away.

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