Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Last Nights Show

Last Night’s Show

When thinking about Last Night’s Show, words do not fail me. The words that come immediately to mind: craziness, sadness, unbelievable, loss, emotional, schism, knives in the back, and friends and foes.

One thing that struck me the hardest; there was more than enough culpability to go around to all but a handful of hams.

If it weren’t for the fact that I know most of these folks through email or on air, I would have walked out of this one long before the end.

As it was, I stayed up doing my ‘duty’; I listened, and recorded. If anyone wants the complete, unedited, 6 mp3’s of this 3 hour group flagellation, email me. (I was going to post them to the HamFans site, but didn’t have enough MB’s – I’m thinking about buying more, just to post these.)

Are we having fun yet??? This is a Hobby???

It would have been a lot easier to go out on the busy intersection I live by, and watch a car wreck. I’m sure there would have been less blood and gore…


k6mit said...

evvy, not sure if i sent this to you or not......feel free to post it if you want to and correct my grammar, as i know it’s not the best at times.....K6MIT

Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2005 10:43 AM
Subject: Promoting ham radio? What a joke....

After hearing all the crap that went down on 75 meters two nights ago, i
would never understand why anyone listening to the internet site or listening on a radio would want to get into ham radio

Art and others have promoted the service to get folks interested in ham
radio....i think the end results of the replay and actions on the air will counter that feeling big time

And then to keep talking about it, making comments about the people involved,
just really makes it clear that all ham radio is about is folks bitching about each other over and over and over.

It should never have been played on the internet site the next day, and the
night that it happened the internet site should have been shut down. All it has done is killed interest in ham radio. I’ve listened to conversations on 40 and 75 meters the last two days and all of you are a laughing joke to all who took it in.

You really showed everyone what amateur radio is becoming.....a cb band.

Then of course, Jim and Billy had to take it to task and make all kinds of
comments about Art and Ben and others....

This is not going to die soon, and all it’s going to do is turn folks away
who where thinking of getting into ham radio.

I for one have lost interest in getting on frequency anymore...I’m tired of all the damn infighting and remarks being made by both sides of the issue.

I told art months ago Billy was a jerk and how he has jammed frequencies I was on when I lived in San Jose for 30 damn years.....i told him Jim was a jerk and that eventually he and Billy would
stab him in the back...Art assured me Billy had changed......well ?

No, this is not a attack on art or anyone else....just my feelings on the
whole concept.

A lot of good people that we used to talk to on 3885, 3830, and 3840 don’t get on anymore just because of the way ham radio is evolving.

All i can see happening now is Billy and Jim getting with Steve and really
causing trouble....just wait, it will happen.

I guess we really deserve the no code license....from what I’m hearing on
different frequencies, on 40 and 75 meters the people that they warned would come with no code have already arrived.

To me ham radio is no longer fun. I see no reason to renew my license, as
I’m tired of the crap that is going on.
The only future ham radio will have is to be unregulated just like 27 megs
is. Isn’t the inaction of riley the proof of that?

Anonymous said...

Hello Bob,
You make a lot of good points. I think the whole thing is actually a product beyond Riley or enforcement however.
What you have in essence is a large group of people from all walks of life meeting on a regular basis AND they are trying to establish their commonality. If you don't have some type of impartial moderation devoid of a power base (and this is important), you will eventually get division. It's like an exercise in democracy. Looking at a smaller picture, you can watch it occur in forums and chatrooms. It is no different in an audio chatroom (which ham radio is essentially).
73 Jim N7JS

R.F. Burns said...

Now we see the attraction of contesting and DXing.


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