Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I made www.hamcams.com !!!

And the sub-title is 'wannabe ham'. Actually, this woman, whomever she is, looks a great deal better than some of the old coots who are part of the 3840 group.

But I am NO longer a 'wannabe' ham. I admit I used to be, but no longer. I LIKE being a SWL and commentator..

Far from insulting me, or making me angry, this parody made my day guys!

I may not be 'the happiest person on the planet, but I'm as close to it as anyone can get this side of Bill Gates! Any day I wake up breathing, I am happy! Any year I go through without still one more cancer surgery, I am thrilled. Here is a 'real' last year pic of me! So you wimpy suckers can laugh at me all you want. I can take as well as dish it out! BTDT!

This guy, on the other hand (notice lighter at hand!) is a wannabe WRITER!!!

And artie, I STILL know what your next book should be!

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