Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Time Out!

The testosterone levels are way out of control! At this point, there are just far too many males, far too angry. So, everyone to a corner! Not to prepare for another ‘round’ of the same, but to prepare for producing some ‘peace & order’ from chaos!

I’m serious! Get yourself a chair and take it to a corner. Sit there for at least 10 minutes! No external stimuli; no radio, magazine, TV, music, drink, or talk with another person. Just sit there on that chair and stare at the wall for at least 10 minutes. Clear your mind.

When the 10 minutes are over; put into practice whatever techniques YOU use for stress control, deep breathing, exercise, meditation, prayer, cursing, or beating your thick head against the wall.

After you’re stress is reduced, your mind clear, take the vow!

Today, I will not say anything that isn’t ‘nice’.

If it’s not nice, I won’t say it (I’m sure your Mother taught you this, you’ve just forgotten how to put it into practice!); no matter how upset, angry, goaded, or provoked I am. If someone calls me a ****, or whatever, I’ll respond with, ‘your audio is good tonight’, or whatever! I will NOT say anything to anyone on air, that isn’t nice.

If you let yourself be provoked, immediately revert to the ‘nice’ mode. In fact, try to put some kind of visual reminder of your VOW on or near your radio. Have you gentlemen (ahem), never heard the phrase, ‘kill them with kindness?” It works! (ANY mother will tell you so.)

And the jammers; positively, absolutely totally, ignore them! Eventually they will go somewhere where they’ll have some success pushing people’s buttons.

Now I can hear the ‘comments’ already: “‘evvy, why don’t you practice what you preach.” Well, the fact is, I am NOT A HAM, I am not on air! I give my opinion, and folks get mad, no doubt, but usually one at a time. I don’t disrupt an entire frequency night after night! Filth and threats of violence do NOT spill from my mind to my mouth! I do not endanger long term friendships (often, I cement them-you against me!). I don’t have a hobby or license at stake. You do.

If just 2 – 3 HAMS would do this tonight, be dedicated and persistent about it, not allow themselves to be dragged down to the lowest level NO MATTER WHAT, not allow themselves to be driven off frequency, and another couple pick it up tomorrow night, and another couple the night after, we’ll soon be back to signal reports, audio reports, loops (heaven help us all!), and Tim’s Travels…

This works (again, ask any mom)! Just do it, even if at times you don’t feel ‘like’ being nice to some ‘jerk’! And keep on doing it! Tell other HAMS what you are doing, your 'plan of action', maybe they will start doing it too.

Chose to ‘act’ not ‘react’, (nothing 'unmanly' about that!), take back your frequency and your self-control.

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Anonymous said...

Har!!!!! Professional wresting is really a much better and more interesting producy. HAM radio is dead!


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