Saturday, December 24, 2005

Twas the Night

Happy Holidays to all (& that means EVERYONE!) from the staff of HamFans…

Twas the Night before Christmas
Variation by Jim Southwick, N7JS, 12.2005
Published with permission of Jim Southwick N7JS

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the air
Was the sound of some fools
All jamming with care

They cued up the music
All snug in their group
While sitting there waiting
For the Cult of the Loop

They laughed and they giggled
And gave a high five
For their signal was strong
But their audio was nigh

On ego, on cliquish
On rich and on poor
My audio is great
But my life is a bore

I can't read a book
And I can't write a poem
I'll marry my radio
Just let me be known

So they fondled their Icoms
And caused such a sight
They fondled their cables
Hell, they fondled their mikes!

I'll buy the new toy
The whole damn caboodle
I'll eat nothing but
Some Top Ramen noodle

They spoke with aplomb
They spoke with delight
While feeling intelligent
All into the night

The listeners all clamored
All fraught with a glee
For they could get meaning
Vicariously, you see

They kissed off their fate
And drank till once soused
They pissed away future
Who needed a spouse?

The drama was strong
And the timing was right
The ass kissing heavy
Well into the night

One night your best friend
And one night just a pain
Then back in the group
No loss and no gain

The drama goes on
But the story the same
It keeps up the interest
It keeps up the game

So I fight to stay aside
And I fight with my might
And to all a Merry Christmas
And to all a good night!

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