Friday, December 16, 2005

The Politics of Ego

The Politics of Ego in the Cult of the Loop

Earlier today I dropped by to see if there might be some new pictures (yea, sure) posted.

Imagine my non-surprise to find that Jim Watkins ki6gu’s long standing slot had been dropped from the second row down to the last third of the page.

Of course, he’s never sat at the right or left hand of the Lord of the Loop; those spots are taken by Paul Bowman w7mag, and Big Ben Gardner kd7bcw (since Karen w6so’s voluntary withdrawal when there was MUCH jockeying for that coveted slot) respectively.

But for a very long time, Jim Watson’s ki6gu, spot has been featured prominently on the second row, right beside Burbank Gregg’s w6ezv, slot.

So, it would seem, according to the politics of artie’s ego, that Jim Watson ki6gu, has indeed lost favor with the power that is. But the good news is that Jim Watson ki6gu didn’t tick artie off so badly that his slot was dropped totally from the page, as was Steve Wingate’s kg6txh a few months ago.

This obvious type of political maneuvering with the slots on has been denied repeatedly. Artie and his minions say, “Oh, we just shuffle the slots randomly once in awhile.”

Isn’t it strange that when this ‘random shuffling’ occurs that only one or two slots of specific HAMS get rearranged? And usually only when artie is ticked at one of ‘his group’?

They can deny the politics of it all they want; ANY long time Cult of the Loop observer can tell you immediately who’s in favor and out, just by looking at the ‘position’ of the slots on!

Jim Watson ki6gu’s position is currently quite far down the ladder…it would seem that the once dubbed, Bad Boy of Burbank, has been very very bad indeed!

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