Saturday, December 10, 2005

New Logo & w6mku

Listen nightly (see below for online tuner links) as the HAMS feud, then make nice with each other. Catch up on their lives. spouses, ills, and new toys.

Drama decades in the making, featuring REAL characters, including Art Bell w6obb. Better than any afternoon soap; listen more than once and you'll be 'hooked'!

This site is to guide beginners and aficionados (&HAMS) alike into the world of Online Short Wave Listening starting with the 3.840 group. Wander through the many pages & features of this site, and enjoy!

So goes the new intro to the main page of the site. And that is just the 'shot over the bow'.

I have some power and speed in my computer now, and will be able to 'report' in the 3840GrudgeReport more often. Not to mention keeping the site updated!

Also, wanted to reassure all that I am not 'bitter' or 'sniping'. Nor do any of my activities 'cheapens your art, too' as Joanne w6mku, has said behind my back. (And what would she know about art?). At least when I say something, the person knows it, and they have many ways to contact me, including posting a reply to this blog...

So be sure to watch for those 3840GrudgeReport notices, and/or check the site out often!

1 comment:

R.F. Burns said...

Yea, HamCams is very much a kiss up forum. The browner your nose, the closer to the top of the page you are. And yes, Art pretty much calls the shots regardless of what Paul says.


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