Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mature Adults? Right!

I was taught that it was immature when you were losing, or didn't like how the game was going, to grab your toys and go home, thereby ending the game. For everyone!

But that's exactly what Paul Bowman w7mag has done with his http://www.hamcams.com/ site. And what artie w60bb is doing with his tuner. Punish all for what a few have done that they didn't like. Paul w7mag, posted this message on the HamCams site:

HamCams is not a forum for people to
air out their laundry, dirty or otherwise.
HamCams is not going to allow bickering via
photos or clever phrases.
If you feel the need to do that,
might I suggest newsgroups where
they seem to like that sort of thing.
I don't care for it.
Since I pay for this site,
and maintain this site,
I'll allow and disallow whatever I see fit.
Call it censorship if you like.
I really don't care.
This site is supposed to be FUN.
Radio is supposed to be FUN.
I feel better now.
Thank you for your time.
Paul - W7MAG
We will return to our regularly scheduled program soon...

Actually, I don't call it censorship; I call it infantile. And one wonders whose idea this really was, to shut down the site & punish everyone, Paul of Pahrump or artie's who seems, at times, to pull Paul's strings?

So congrats to all you MATURE ADULTS for not only acting like children, but for publicly showing everyone just how childish you really are: no pics on HamCams and who know what on the 'famed' Pahrump receiver.

When a service is provided, even if it is a free service, it carries a certain amount of public obligation, no matter how angry, hurt, sick, etc. you may be. At least to reputable people...

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R.F. Burns said...

Yea, HamCams is very much a kiss up forum. The browner your nose, the closer to the top of the page you are. And yes, Art pretty much calls the shots regardless of what Paul says.


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