Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Art (w6obb) of Domination

“I really am a strong personality, and it is not unusual for me to dominate other people.” This is a quote from THE ART OF TALK by Art Bell, published by Paper Chase Press, 1998.

So is this what artie did to ‘rid’ himself of his Amateur Radio headaches? And just how did he do it?

After a month’s long hiatus, during which he may have taken the back seat, perhaps trying to wait out the solution to all the thorns in his side (Hams), artie stepped forward to solve his Ham woes.

For awhile artie hung with the Little People on 3.678. He was accepted, welcomed even. Ahh, but another thorn in artie’s side; he was not worshiped, nor the leader (though he tried a coup). After month’s of being left to their own devices, The Little People had formed a fairly cohesive ‘group’ of their own; they had a format, and each had a role with Glenn Thurman kn6z being the glue. So artie wisely moved on (as was predicted in The HamFanz Grudge Report as early as July 2, 2007

Now 3.720 is ‘his’ and it is pre-stocked with the chosen. (A sub-cult of the Cult of the Loop?). The elite, Hams that artie enjoys talking to, AND who could be manipulated, bought (in one way or another), or blackmailed into complying to artie’s domination. The starting line up for 3.720 consists of: Jim Watkins ki6gu, Scott Barris, w6edv, Bill Houlne wb6bnq, and Jim Southwick n7js. (With w6wbj and w6txh dropping in just because they cannot resist it once in awhile, but not to the point of vexing artie!) Most are former acquaintances/enemies, or Hams that artie himself alienated in recent years.

But how exactly did artie ‘dominate’ all these Hams, bend them to his whim, to accomplish the forming of the 3.720 Elites? Does no one else think it odd that in about one month’s time:

-ki6gu left 3.840 something he swore he would never do
-n7js shut down his online tuner, thus 3.840 would have a much diminished audience, and there would be few recordings of the anti-artie rants floating about?
-w6wbj STOPPED all jibes, insults, verbal and written attacks on artie?
-w6wbj and w6txh seem to have stopped jamming the Elites

Well I think it is strange! Though I know that numerous phone calls, emails, and chats initiated by artie were the starting point, or the basis of arties domination of these Hams; I cannot help but wonder what else was involved.

I think a LOT more than calls and emails went on behind the scenes. Did he threaten some with litigation (w6wbj, k6txh)? Did he somehow ‘buy off’ the materialistic Rev n7js, into closing a tuner that had been his second hobby for 5 years? Did he offer ‘friendship’ and trips to Pahrump to the lonely ki6gu?

“When I decide to do something, I insist it be done my way. No exceptions. And if there are other people involved in what I am doing, they must conform to my direction”, still another quote from THE ART OF TALK by Art Bell, published by Paper Chase Press, 1998.

It would seem that Hams do not read books, which is really too bad, as THE ART OF TALK is nothing but an artie manual. Or they do not mind, or actually prefer, being ‘dominated’ and manipulated by artie...


r. f. burns said...

Yes, it was painfully obvious that Art hated not being the worshiped leader when he joined the Little People a few times on 3678 Khz. A few of the Morally Superior still kissed up to Art (like Moody and Glenn), but most of them realize that Art is a narcissist bore. He's always talking about himself, his signal, his audio, etc. On 3720, as long as the so called "elites" pander to his ego, that's all Art cares about. Nevermind how many times they have slandered him in the past. His ego must be fed. As Jim Watkins has keenly self diagnosed, "It's a sick co-dependent relationship".

Anonymous said...

Just to put the conspiracy theories to rest - I didn't shut down the tuner to quell anti-art rant recordings or diminish 3.840 listeners. Art never bought me off, and I have never spoken to him concerning it (or any of the activities speculated). I shut the thing down....because became a royal pain in the ass for me....from keeping a handful of computers and complex software running to the receiver, relay box, and antenna itself. It wasn't a "materialistic" selfish act (as you continue to point out in all these grudges)- I simply didn't feel like doing it anymore.
As for the rest of the theories proposed on here: I suppose the others can choose to defend them.
Jim N7JS

Billy said...

Evvy, Art simply made it clear to me that he wants to let bygones be bygones, and since I choose to take him at his word, I am going to do the same. Billy, W6WBJ

Craig said...

Evvy, as Jim has stated running a streaming service is NOT a trivial task. Weather you use Windows or one of the many Linux variants, dedicating time, money and bandwidth can be a expensive proposition. I have considered doing this myself, I have a extra Linux box I could use, I have the source code to all the streaming and radio control software I would need. However, I don't want to saturate my ADSL connection with tons of outgoing packets.

To do it properly I would have to order another DSL line, another receiver and all the protection hardware so I don't blow out the front end of the receiver from near field. Secondly, I don't want to add more spectrum pollution to my location from consumer electronics. I like my nominal S-0 noise floor.

Keeper of the Truth said...

Let the truth be known. The magic of 'money' can do amazing things. Don't be fooled by the previous statements. My favorite colors are green and gold, what are yours?

The Church of WBJ said...

Jesus loves Billy, Billy loves Jesus. Life is beautiful. Love is in the air and all is peaceful and loving on the ham radio bands.

evvy garrett said...

the church of wbj wrote:

>>>Jesus loves Billy, Billy loves Jesus. Life is beautiful. Love is in the air and all is peaceful and loving on the ham radio bands.

Delighted to see that folks OTHER than the 'principles' (who seemed rather 'defensive', yes?)are starting to reply to this particular article!

Now that the bands are full of Jesus, love, and peace, please send some of it my way in the form of CASH!!!

Anonymous said...

Craig said...

"Evvy, as Jim has stated running a streaming service is NOT a trivial task."

I agree it's definitely "not a trivial task" Back in 2004 I was running streaming audio of the Phil Hendrie Show. If one wants to do it right, it takes a lot of time. I still plan on streaming audio from my r75, but my health and family come first.
Eddie aka 'Sawyer'

Mike Hunt-Hertz said...

Yup, those principals have no principles. Shame on them for shutting down that audio stream.


Beezwax said...

streaming audio is simple, a cable from the out jack of your radio/tv/vcr/DVD or whatever to the in jack on your computer , load the softwarez and presto...streaming piles of blissful jellyjuice....Jeez...there's nothing to it, I 'll do it all the time. Jim's got a roid up his arse.


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