Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jim Southwick n7js, Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places

Last night, a lone, plaintive, (begging?) voice was heard in the wee hours. Jim n7js, was inviting (begging), Hams to come to 3.720;

"Come on up, we're open, we're receptive, we'll talk to you, listen to you. Is anyone on this frequency? n7js. You can't tell me no one is listening. Well tell you what, we're on 3720, come on up, we're open, we're receptive, the water's fine. n7js QSY 3.720"

No Jim, no one was listening. They might have been had you not taken your online tuner down, though!

But since you have to depend on the Pahrump Receiver now, as do the rest of us, may I suggest that you post such messages to the HamFanz Yahoo Group, and to the HamFanz chat - you might reach more people that way...

This audio clip will be available for 24 hours at: Current Clips.


r. f. burns said...

It was a joke Evvy. The boys on 3720 didn't really expect any of the Little People to accept the invite. Had you been listening on 3720 you'd know that. Evvy, if you'd just cut back to one pack per day, soon you'll have enough money to buy an HF receiver of your own, and you can stop begging for more online tuners. That goes for all you whiney cyber-SWLs out there.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt might getting on 3720 and talking to the westcoast hams, but at this time of the year there is too much static to hear anything that far out. I guess I will have to wait until this winter. In the meantime, I enjoy listening to all of the mp3 audio files available over the net. I like to download them to my mp3 player and listen to them like when I am traveling. 3840 is real ham radio to me unlike my local two meter repeater which has turned into such colorful phrases such as: "Im waving a hand at ya", "Praise the Lord!!", "Check, Check" and the ubiquitous "Ten-4".

Edward Haskell, Esq. said...

Burns: cut Evvy some slack, will yas? If it weren't for Evvy's outpost here, BNQ and his chatroom monitors would run roughshod over everyone. 'Nuff said.

Evvy, the next brewsky's on me. Any word on Patricia "Elaine" Gibbons?

88s, Ed

Anonymous said...

Dittos, Eddie. I have missed seeing new videos from Elaine on Youtube.

r. f. burns said...

Yea, BNQ shut me down on the 3840 hams chat room when I pointed out that he was a perv and registered sex offender.

evvy garrett said...

What is with all the 'chit chat'?

I would just remind all that HamFanz maintains a Yahoo Group, AND a chat for this kind of 'sharing'. (Links to both on this page!)

And your thoughts are welcome in ALL these places, including here.

BUT, on The HamFanz Grudge Report, I would rather see comments that are congruent with the articles posted.


Billy said...

Oh, Evvy, Evvy! It is SO WONDERFUL! 3720 is turning into the new 3840! All kinds of bullshit is coming down on the frequency now. The jammers are there in force, and they are STRONG! The Little People are slowly drifting up there, blissfully unaware of the reception that awaits them! Art is being his usual narcissistic, hypocritical self and it is SO MUCH FUN to put him in his place! It is so much fun to point out to Jim how he is munching Art's ass, and Jim announced that his only reason for existence is getting on the ham radio after he gets off work, thereby making himself extremely vulnerable to having his day ruined. In short, 3720 is coming along so wonderfully that it has renewed everyone's faith in that exciting, dynamic hobby, hom radio!

H.P. Maxim-Houlne said...

"...his only reason for existence is getting on the ham radio after he gets off work..."

Now, THAT is pathetic!

Edward Haskell said...


Would you please start a new thread?

Hints: Elaine's communications van, Ben Gardner nuptials, KI6GU apartment.



evvy garrett said...

edward haskell wrote:

>>>Would you please start a new thread?

Feel free to email with any info on the articles you suggested!

Edward Haskell, Esq., LLP., MD, DC said...


Word on the street is that you may have writer's block. Please tell us that it's not so! We genuinely miss your daily/weekly missives. How can I grovel any further? I'm devastated.



evvy garrett said...

Edward Haskell wrote:

>>>Word on the street is that you may have writer's block. Please tell us that it's not so! We genuinely miss your daily/weekly missives.

The 'world' is wrong; NOT writer's block,sick. For details check out evvy's blog. Or email

Am just starting to feel better, so hopefully soon. I actually have a WHOLE LIST of HamFanz topics to write about! Stay Tuned!


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