Sunday, August 19, 2007

Art Bell w6obb, and the Cryptic Message

This cryptic message appeared on artie’s picture slots on both and earlier this very evening.

Perhaps he thought he was communicating something to someone, and maybe he did, a private message so to speak. However, the cryptic message raises more questions than anything else.

“Those that will not forgive will end up victims of their own hate and become consumed by it.”

Is artie saying that HE forgives someone (perhaps Steve k6txh, Billy w6wbj, or Bill wb6bnq?) because he does not want to be a ‘victim’ of his own hate’? Or is the statement asking that some unknown ‘other’ forgive HIM for some wrong or disservice that art performed and should forgive artie so that the above does not happen to them? Interesting!

“Such hate will manifest itself in poor health either physical or mental”

Is this statement simply a part of some 12-step program artie is working? Or is it that perhaps in his new found Catholic Religion artie is getting ‘coaching’ from a parish priest? Naw, could not be that! He did not mention poor Spiritual health.

And how did the leap from ‘unforgiving’ to ‘hate’ occur? It would seem that there is an awful lot of territory in between the two that is just ignored; like forgiving yet hating someone, or being unforgiving yet without malice? Really, there are many miles between ‘unforgiving’ and ‘hate’ and a jillion other possible manifestations....

“The deepest wound you can have is the one you inflict on yourself.”

I am sure there are millions, like the Holocaust survivors, those mentally, sexually, physically abused by those they trusted, or the families of those lost in the war in Iraq, who would loudly disagree. (I can certainly think of some very large and much closer to artie’s ‘home’ examples, but see no point in listing them here.)

Perhaps this cryptic message is just another form of ‘projection’, and artie has hurt himself in ways we can never know and this ‘message’ is his way of telling everyone about it. Or maybe he has just been paying too much attention to his former C2C guests?

For myself, I would hate myself much worse for ‘selling’ myself out, than for not forgiving some nefarious ‘wrong’ done, though I would hope that BOTH could be accomplished...

“To Thine Own Self Be True” William Shakespeare


Anonymous said...

Sorry Evvy,

You are off the mark. Nice try even though you did not provide any answers. At best your commentary is all speculation. The real answer was staring you in the face, but I guess you missed it.

I will give you some clues;

1. It is a message that Art is directing to someone in particular and

2. It is not pointed at KI6GU, W6WBJ, K6TXH, N7JS, N6EDV, or even to myself, WB6BNQ.

So, happy sleuthing and please try to keep up.


evvy garrett said...

Bill wb6bnq wrote:

>>>You are off the mark. Nice try even though you did not provide any answers. At best your commentary is all speculation.

Uhhh Bill, that WAS the whole point, to take the 'message' (and yes I DO know what it was about) at face value and apply it to art's live in general.

Perhaps you should read some Shakespeare and broaden your literary (and thought process) horizons?

H.P. Maxim said...

"...Perhaps you should read some Shakespeare and broaden your literary (and thought process) horizons?..."

I's a-strugglin' wiffin dat stuff! Is it anythin' like da Tommy Rockford/K6ATX novels?

Billy said...

I think it is directed at Mac, W7LW. Mac and his wife disapproved of Art getting married so soon after Ramona's death to an extremely young filipina girl who was probably somewhat desperate to escape a life in Bukidnon province. Mac and his XYL also disapproved of the way Art announced his decision to his radio audience in such a way as to suggest that he recommended that other recently-bereaved people do the same. Art can't handle the fact that Mac disapproves of his behavior, so he plays "kill the messenger" by making disparaging statements about Mac instead.

r. f. burns said...

Billy, I agree with you 100%. Mac added a lot to the "show" and Art liked him better than Jim KI6GU. Unfortunately for Art, Mac ( AKA "Vinny" ), is a man of STRONG MORAL FIBER and I doubt he'll put Art's needs before his own convictions.

H.P. Maxim said...

The only fiber that Vinny gets is from Metamucil. Long live incontinent hams!

Anonymous said...

I thought he might be pissed off at Carl over something.

By the way, we havent heard much out of Carl lately.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is making me laugh, it's a joke you retards! Art has played a joke on you mental midgets and you fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

H.P. Maximus said...

I still don't get it. You means, ham radio is only for smart peeple? 'Splain.

Big Giant Penos said...

Let me 'splain' it to you... Timmy's dead, FCW's dead, Hom radio's dead and so on.... Ya get it now? Jeez, does Billy have to explain everything all over again?


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