Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Ohh My! They 'boys' have been testy of late!

It would seem that they are not happy with the designation "white affluent males", especially Jim Watson ki6gu! What? Are there no mirrors in their abodes???

And artie w6obb finally admits to living in a trailer! Something some have been pointing out for years!

While Jim Southwick n7js is trying to get used to being hated, instead of loved...

The HAM version of Man-O-Pause for sure, after all, they are all about the right age, except of course artie, who has already been there and done that!

To hear this clip for the next day or so, go to and click on 'Current Clips'. There are now 14 recent audio clips on the 'secret page' (which is my version of the 'secret frequency'!)including a nice one of Cynthia kg6uhj (mark's k6fej wife) making a rare appearance on 3678.


Eddie Haskell said...

Evvy, whether it's trailer or trailor is a non-issue; white effluent males is correct. As Ralph Ennis used to say, "it's the sewer pipe of civilization."

r. f. burns said...

Art Bell may be "affuent" but he has bad taste in just about everything. Take his two houses for instance. Both ugly double wide trailers. His cars, are ugly. His wife is although young, not very good looking. His choice of community to live in...Pahrump is a dump with a brothel. The so called racket ball court is probably filled with crap...hence why we never see it.
Perhaps his several estranged children and ex-wives are getting all his money, or maybe he just spends it all on cigarettes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Billy, what's it like to live alone in a trailer surrounded by rusting cars and star thistle? Oh wait, I forget you moved to Rio Lindan nevermind...Ho Ho Ho....

Billy said...

I just can't BELIEVE all the mean-spirited comments I am reading here! I want to make it clear that I LOVE Jim and Art, and am looking forward eagerly to their wedding. P.S.: I am going to be their ring bearer. Just don't ask what kind of ring!

Anonymous said...

I think BNQ's HABIT of CAPITALIZING on and OFF is ANNOYING, to SAY the least. It IS more annoying THAN Art BELL diatribes, HOWEVER. Thanks, EVVY.

Billy said...

Evvy, if you are going to be resentful of anyone who has more money than you do, doesn't that mean you are going to be resentful of EVERYONE?


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