Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Where's my Barney?

I do not listen to the Little Peeps on 3.688 often enough to know how often a Barney is given. Though if you check out The Little People’s log at: you will get all the ‘rules’ (and view the nifty grids).

Neither do I know how one gets to be in the ‘Barney Hall of Fame’.

Barney Hall of Fame: Ben KD7BCW, Eric W7ZCX, John W6FE, Cary KD7KAU, Mike VA7MJS, Mike KB1UM, Duane AG7G, Joe KO6M, Bruce W6RAT, Terry KB5B, Chuck KE3KR, Moody WQ6I, Bob AF6D, Mike AA8KB, Conrad N7EN, Randy KC7ZNA, Gary ZL3SV, Mark K6FEJ, Mark K6MJD, Larry W5HO, John K7PRS, Gregg AE6FN, RoboLon KE7BBX, Dave WA6DAC, Bruce N6THN, Gary W6FH, Kevin K7TST, Art W6OBB, Kevin AD8Q, Iain K6IAM, Bob K6MIT, and Tom W7PD.

I do not even know if there is a picture (or trophy?) of The Barney Award.

I do know that Glen Thurman kn6z, has taken an unfocused ‘loose’ bunch of ABANDONED Hams and turned them into a cohesive group. He consistently and graciously puts in a great deal of work keeping it all together for the Little Peeps.

Some call them boring, but the conversations are far ranging and carried on in a polite and socially acceptable manner. They cover such topics as astronomy, WARFA doings, and current events as well as the mundane.
But, the BURNING ISSUE here is, are there ever going to be ‘Honorary Barneys’?
(And what the hey is the plural of this use of Barney, anyways???) If so, where and how would one apply?

You can hear for yourself, this week’s listing of ‘Barneys’”


r. f. burns said...

I fail to see how you picked the "Labels" for this article. In particular, I wonder why KB5FJX's call is listed? I do not see him in the "Hall of Fame" and he is not a regular Little People. As for W6OBB, he checked in for one week just long enough to get his call on the list. I suppose his ego could not stand the fact that he wasn't in the hall of fame as it were.

Anonymous said...

Art Bell, My GOSH how you people are consumed with him! Is this loose knit group of misfits so without any personal identity that EVERYTHING must be Art Bell, Art Bell, Art Bell?

How about that Jim guy getting a DUI and plowing into a Del Taco and killing two consumers in Burbank? Come on people there are other things to talk about. How about that Billy guy who in a effort to help all of Hom radio making a complete fool of himself to impress a bunch of pot bellied old men all over Amerika? Or that little crippled old lady who uses others donated short wave receivers to record Ham operators and then sells the audio to idiots?

Just a Observer

Anonymous said...

Becky Zed's tits! Becky Zed's tits! Becky Zed's tits! They matter a whole heck of a lot more than this "Barney" bullshiat.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Becky Zed has a fine set of 'cones' that need to be examined with greater detail.


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