Thursday, May 22, 2008

Elites Histronics and Lies


Last night, The Elites, especially Art Bell w6obb, and Scott Barris k7mix, again went into unprovoked attack mode.

As usual, it was all lies and histrionics. (Audio Clips may be found for a short time at: )

Of Particular interest was when artie stated that he didn't track the HamFanz Chat, as I've had to ban a jillion of his IP's in the last month as he has repeatedly tried to get into HamFanz Chat. And when he as been able to do so, he ALWAYS posted under a fake ID, vulgar, insulting, threatening messages! Many can attest to that. (I have also been told that he is doing the same at Steve's Chat )

If it's not him using his multiple home computers and IP's, then he'd better check with his wife...

Then too were the lies that I had been a chief opponent to the Elites having a passworded chat. That is far, far from the reality. All one has to do, is to click on the 'Elite' link on this page and read the articles.

What I objected too, was being REFUSED a password to the Elite Chat AFTER they had (and still do) say that all you have to do to get a password to their chat, is to request one! Which I did, and I was denied one.

Well, now it is REALLY 'tit for tat' (though that was NEVER the reason for setting up a passworded HamFanz Chat!); show me yours, boys, and I'll show you mine!

In the meantime, EVERYONE knows you, Art Bell, to be a liar!


Edward Haskell, Esq. said...

Good job, Evvy! You sure got their attention. Why on Earth would radio "legend" Art Bell give a rat's potato if you have a private chat room or not? Hey, what's the deal, Artie? Don't you have a young-un to tend to? Cost of desert life got ya down? Why don't you do a mind-meld with George Noory on the nearest intergalactic battle cruiser?

Anonymous said...

I get a laugh out of Art saying he doesnt monitor the chat, has no idea what has been said lately, but if you listen to the recording of him talking about it he tells all what is going on between Evvy and Steve as to the reason she did what she did. Art is a god dam lier and phoney asshole.

Anonymous said...

The name of this site ought to be changed to NoClueFanz. Evvy, when you find out how a computer works and I.P. addresses are used on the internet, then you can with utmost certainty state who did what and when. Until that time, you and everyone else are just a bunch of clueless hacks. Your buddies Steve and Billy are worthless scum. Billy uses you to promote his vile form of hate. To be blunt, he plays you like a harp from hell, and you fall for his load of crap. Wise up Evvy, you are on the wrong, wrong side!

evvy garrett said...

Anon wrote:

>>>Evvy, when you find out how a computer works and I.P. addresses are used on the internet, then you can with utmost certainty state who did what and when.

Well, THIS message came from a computer in Pahrump, NV. One previously known to be used by Art Bell.

Perhaps THIS poster has never heard of stats services, which certainly DO know how IP's and the internet works? Or of 'resolving IP's"?

>>>Your buddies...
This shows how little you really know, as I have no 'buddies', not Ham buddies, anyway!

>>>Wise up Evvy, you are on the wrong, wrong side!

I didn't realize there were 'sides'. Only truth and lies...

There IS ignorance, and ignorance of the facts, as is so well evidenced in this post.

This poster would do far better using email for communication rather than the HamFanz Grudge Report!

Anonymous said...

As usual, more drama than a hair saloon full of divorcees.
Jim N7JS

Craig said...

Jim N7JS said:

“As usual, more drama than a hair saloon full of divorcees.
Jim N7JS”

Couldn't of said it better myself Jim. One thing I have to chuckle about is how some people assume Evvy doesn't know how to use any network monitoring tools. I'm pretty sure her site provider at least offers “webalizer”, a very useful web browser based traffic analysis tool. I wouldn't really expect her to be using equally useful command line tools like nmap, traceroute or understand TCP/IP routing tables. While resolving IP addresses gets you in the neighborhood, pinning something down to a specific machine involves discovering the host machines network card MAC address. While there are ways to change / “spoof” the cards MAC, it's generally beyond the scope of most computer users.

While I haven't been on the air much lately I do pop in here occasionally. I see I'm not missing anything. As of late, I have been re-discovering the guitar. I have grown bored with the antics on the HAM bands and have discovered it's more fun to play music. Well, at least my reasonable facsimile of music ;)

Craig - N7UQA


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