Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Art Bell w6obb, Threats, Blackmail, and Extortion

I had planned an entirely different HamFanz Grudge Report for today, but then I put it on ‘hold’ after receiving an email from artie that included this paragraph:

“The ONLY reason I even go to your site is to see the latest crap you have made up about me, the ONLY reason you are being banned is because of what you write about me. Your future is in your hands, take all the shit about me down and we can work something out. Keep it up and so will I. I have so much more to do!

Aren’t threats, ‘blackmail’, and extortion illegal? Immoral at the very least! (Wonder what artie's 'hardcore' Catholic wife and in-laws think about this type of behaviour?)

Just what does artie think we can ‘work out’? I wonder if he thinks I will put a ‘price’ on my thoughts and opinions?

He has “so much more to do!” Does that mean he is going to sic someone on me, as he did Steve Wingate k7txh, and now Greg Sousa w6ezv? Or, that he’s going to ‘buy’ me a young Philippine like he did Ben Gardner kd7bcw?

At the very least, I can inform the public (including all the artie fans and loop worshipers out there, and who knows, perhaps the FBI Internet Crimes Division is reading this), just what kind of person artie really is, that is if they did not already know…

BTW, I don’t make anything up!


Anonymous said...


more crap as usual..

it shows in your style of writing that you are not a successful person. It shows that you have serious anger issues. It shows that you are filled with hatred..

You are an example of pathetic. Whats worse is I understand that your anger is a result of an unfulfilled life that is lonely.

I pity people like you that have to strive to harass other people and write garbage about them.

Your website is much like a grocery store tabloid, that is filled with lies and made up stories based on what you can twist for your own ends.

Your a sad lonely person.



Anonymous said...

I wonder whats with that jerk that left the above post. Must be a Art lover, or its Art in drag.
Seems all Art can do lately is make threats to everyone. Wish he would just go back to flip land and stay there. Must be lonely at the top with only three people to talk to on the radio, as he ignores everyone else who trys to join in the conversation, which he always rules over. Funny how none of the others from the Little Peoples group have joined his group of misfits. Sure would be nice if Ramonas relatives would file a civil suit against the asshole for murdering Ramona.

W6EZV said...

I find it astonishing that you would criticize anyone’s writing, given the example you have provided here. Granted, Evvy needs an editor (she tends to wander off-point, and is often injudicious or imprecise in her choice of words). But that’s not the issue currently under discussion.
The real issue is The Big Guy’s developing tendency to threaten physical harm to anyone who dares to defy him. Just weeks ago, Art threatened to “cap” my ass. I was told that he later claimed that he was only joking, but when he said it, he was agitated to the point of hysteria.
Prior to that incident, I had heard Art (on more than one occasion) talk of killing Crowell, Wingate, or both. He even wondered aloud as to whether Crowell had a propane tank outside his house that might be detonated with small arms fire.
So the real question, “James”, is not whether Evvy is an angry old woman…even if that’s true. No, the real issue is how far we let His Pahrumpian Bigness go in expressing his rage. Let’s not blame Evvy for not having the wherewithal to clearly communicate the threat. Given the escalating pattern of threatening behavior, his advanced age, his unrestricted access to firearms, and his admitted history of drug abuse, I think it’s time we all took notice.

Truth Giver said...

WOW Greg! Pretty bold words coming from an out of work, wife beating slob like YOU!

Anonymous said...

Where does this stuff come from? I never heard Bell talk about any drug use.

I do not think he would make such threats and I have never seen any.

We all know on the other hand that the only one who has really made threats and carried them out is W6EZV.

Grego carries a Gun every time he leaves the house with no permit at all. In fact in the big Greg/Jim battle he admitted talking about putting a bullit into Jim's head, now that is a threat. (check the recording). People are taking all this too far in my humble opinion.

As far as Evvy's headline goes it does not seem justified based on what I read.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work all you "Dramamama's". I used to get into it myself until I got smart. It's nice now to just read about it while watching the whole shithouse go up in flames.
At the rate everyone is focused on stupid shit instead of their personal lives - your hit rate should be through the roof Evvy.
Jim N7JS


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