Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Elites Phone Patch


It would seem that the Elites have some difficulty in getting folks to call in to their Phone Patch during the middle of the night. The ‘correct’ folks, I should say, as they will only take calls from ‘unblocked’ numbers.

Art Bell w6obb is plaintively heard issuing the plea to make that call, kind of like some strange, unknown night bird, perhaps the blue-bellied bully. He and Scott Barris k7mix, note that the phone patch is open, “call 702.727.8176”.

Other than the usual Elites, last night, there where a lot of Hams on hand to talk to callers; Stan wg6k, Ben kd7bcw, and even Steve k6txh (who actually got a call, even though it was uhhh, questionable). But few real callers, and a lot of pranksters.

It would seem, that there are those out there who call the Elites Phone Patch, just to keep the phone jammed up so that no one else can get through. I cannot imagine why. Eventually, last night, they had to shut down the Phone Patch because of this little problem. (So why not just have 'open lines'? Wouldn't that solve the problem?)

The Elites seem to need such instant gratification (loop worship from afar) that if any time passes with no callers, they get frantic. To entice callers, they are now offering ‘prizes’ such as a random 'trip to Hawaii' offered by artie w6obb,

And 'Thousands of Dollars (to caller #17)' offered by Jim ki6gu.

Now the question is, is it legal to ‘offer prizes’ when there is no intention of awarding them? Is it legal to use the Ham Bands to run a contest for the public?

I personally have no idea and do not really care, though there are probably state and federal agencies that do. I just want legit (ahmmm!) callers to keep those Phone Patch calls coming in! It is all about fun, isn’t it?


Anonymous said...

gee.....wonder if bill, greg or i will be blamed for the patch problem too ?

bob k6mit

Anonymous said...

Evvy for goodness sake. I listened to the patch stuff last night, they said they were joking. My God, you must have other real things you could write about. It may be time to close up your little shop of horror rumors. It was very interesting to see you say in that email that it does not matter if what you say is true, only how many hits you get.

James (SWL)

Anonymous said...


Do you listen to your own clips? I just heard Art say (inyour clip), so randon as to be never given, even if you wanted to get tcchnical IT WAS A JOKE! They have been saying that stuff for years and the FCC already heard everything about it long ago in the Watkins case and found nothing wrong. They were doing the same jokes back then. What has happened to your sense of humor??????


Anonymous said...

also the other point...

is there was no caller 17 so... no prizes were won, joke or not...

evvy just shut it all down... go get a life..

its sad that you say you are art's biggest fan... and do this...

I hate to see what would happen if you were some psycho nut case that really hated him...

evvy garrett said...

Anon said:
>>>its sad that you say you are art's biggest fan... and do this...

Apparently this poster is dyslexic. The original sentence in the article read: "I was a big fan of yours! " Please not the key word WAS...


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