Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chats, Chats, Chats!

Although I asked Steve Wingate, k6txh, NICELY, several times to remove HamFanz Chat from his Radio Winguts page, it never got done.

Before anyone jumps to wrong assumptions, the ONLY reason I wanted my chat removed from his site, is because the TWO Cool Web Toys java scripts, kept getting 'confused'.

Today, being extremely tired of messing with it, I finally took action. I deleted the old Chat, moved the HamFanz Chat to a different page, passworded the page, then installed a new version of Cool Web Chat.

If this does not work, or is too problematic, I will just delete the chat, period. (There is STILL the HamFanz Yahoo Group, ya know!)

Most of the folks who have chatted on HamFanz chat are still welcome, but you do have to email me for a password now.

What can I tell ya? Stuff happens...


Anonymous said...

Evvy, there is no 'confusion' between the two Java chat rooms. The people were cutting and pasting comments. The only confusion here is with you, Evvy, you don't understand how it works.


N6PJB said...

It confused me. Who was who. Are you TXH?

If you are really Steve, Fix my IP, so I can use your chat.


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