Friday, May 09, 2008


DxTuners now has a new name GLOBAL TUNERS, and is under new management.

Kelly Lindman has handed over the DxTuners system to Mr Ivo Smits in The
Netherlands some time ago. Ivo has developed it further under a new name, GlobalTuners, you can find it on

Kelly's new project is called HamSphere. HamSphere is an artificial
shortwave radio based on the natural laws of radio propagation.
Talk with both ham operators and unlicensed users around the world with a
virtual transceiver. You can find the project on

Membership is free on both HamSphere and GlobalTuners.

GlobalTuners provides access to remotely controlled radio receivers all over the world. You can listen to- and tune the receivers after you have created a (free!) account. You can also share your own receiver on GlobalTuners and benefit from some privileges. DXTuners users: you have to create a new account to use this website! This website had been started in cooperation with HamSphere.

Share your receiver on GlobalTuners Do you have spare receiver that you wish to share with others? It's very easy to get your receiver on-line. If you decide to share your receiver on GlobalTuners, you will get some special privileges as well. For more info on setting up your tuner on GlobalTuners:


The One Legged Snitch said...

I would have no problem sharing my receiver online but would require payment for my services. Radio equipment is not cheap and neither is good quality marijuana.


The One Legged Snitch

Billy said...

So, Evvy, let me see if I understand this correctly. You have found another network of online receivers, that someone has gone to a great deal of trouble and expense to establish, which you are going to use to make recordings for free and then charge for them. Something is wrong with that picture!

Tom Waits said...

Thanks Evvy for your recording efforts. I enjoy the audio files and have no problem paying for them. Keep up the good work.

Tom Waits

Edward Haskell, Esq. said...

But BILLY, this isn't Viacom, so there's no parent company to claim royalties or license due on the broadcasts. Evvy's found a need, and has filled it. Not many people have the time to chase these isolated conversations down and record them for posterity. Nothing even remotely amusing ever happens on 3740. Hold your spandex: the lion's share goes to Art Bell and friends.



Billy said...

Ed, I don't really understand what niche you think Evvy has filled. Maybe there is a group of people who will pay to "time-shift' these recordings, or don't know where to find them, but I don't think they will keep buying them if someone else posts them for fre. I just don't see the "value-add" to what Evvy is doing, and why in the world would she brag about a bunch of dead air as an "unedited" recording? People don't pay to listen to dead air. I think she either doesn't listen to the recordings before posting them, or she hasn't learned to use audio editing software in order to remove the dead air and really boring stuff.

I'm not going to say any more, because Evvy likes to play the victim whenever anybody criticizes her. But I think when she does so, we have a right to ask why someone with a serious idiopathic medical condition would worsen it by chain smoking while collecting SSD and selling recordings which don't really represent any value-add.

It is a question of judgment.

Anonymous said...

As usual Billy you are dead right in your observations. But why you feel the need to constantly remind us of your intellectual superiority is beyond the ability of 99 percent of all who read and listen to you daily jabberings. Why do you waste your time and effort on such a small group of mindless twits? Could it be due to a mental condition of some sort?

Might want to get that checked out just in case. No sense spinning your wheels on us brainless dweebs.


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