Monday, May 12, 2008

With Friends like Greg Sousa w6ezv

You do not need enemies, police, prosecuting attorneys, courts, judges, psychiatrists, clergy or even one’s own conscience.

No indeedy, last night’s on air conversation between Jim Watkins ki6gu, and Greg filled us all in on the details of the ‘rumor’ that Jim had crashed his truck into an eating establishment and been arrested for DUI. (BTW, A rumor the Grudge Report DID NOT publish!)

But perhaps the truth is even worse than the rumor. Greg Sousa following Jim? Then Greg Sousa waiting for a couple of hours for Jim to get back in his car and drive away? Then Greg places a call to the police? Then Greg watching from a distance as the police pulled Jim over and put him through a sobriety test?

What could Jim have possibly done to Greg to elicit this vengeful action on Greg’s part, to ‘trigger’, this kind of sick pathology on Greg’s part? What kind of ‘mind set’ makes one a ‘vigilante’?

We have seen Greg in action before, and recently. Greg drove hundreds of miles to Steve Wingate’s k6txh town, followed him to court, interviewed his neighbors, video taped him, etc. Of course, at that time, Jim Watkins (and no doubt, many others) was cheering, egging Greg on in the background. The shoe is now on the other foot…

Perhaps everyone involved with Greg should be prepared to take out a restraining order, as his ‘pathology’ seems to be escalating.


Barvetta said...

Im sorry Evvy, but i believe Greg is doing a great service for Ham Radio. I just loved his ability last nite to drive Jim off the radio. More folks should do that. Jim is a pompus ass to start with, and just like Art, he is rude to anyone who tries to join the conversation. Totally ignores them just like Art does. Jim always puts on the show of how macho he is, then runs off with his tail between his legs because he cant dominate the conversation. Last nite was wonderful to listen to. Need more nites like it.

Edward Haskell, Esq. said...

you're correct, Ms. Garrett. This is a splendid example of life imitating art; that is to say, too much ham radio turns the human brain to mush. There's often no turning back at this point. Either Greg is a lost cause or, as the regional grammar experts would say, a looser (sic). Here's wishing Greg, surveillance guru extraordinaire, a most expeditious recovery.


r. f. burns said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Jim and Greg are like two jealous girls fighting over one guy (Fart Bell). Greg is acting out because Art has shown favor towards Jim (the better ass-kisser). I'm waiting for these two to eventually gang up on K7MIX since Art loves Scotty the most.

Billy said...

No, R.F., I don't think that Jim and Greg are going to gang up on Scotty. I predict that Fart will decide to trash Jim again, and cozy up to Greg. In case you didn't realize it by now, Fart is the cause of all the trouble. Having dealt with him first-hand, I can tell you that he is a psychologically -disturbed, bored old man who has nothing to do except stir up trouble between hams and make inflammatory posts on ham radio chatboards under phony IDs. I think both Greg and Jim realize what an asshole Fart is, and Greg seems to have given up on him, but Jim still seems to believe that he needs to maintain peace with Fart in order to use the hom radio. We need to convince Jim that such is not the case. One way we can do this is by taking Fart on, the way Stevie does. It is a wonderful thing to see. Try it sometime! Maybe someday Fart will go away forever.

KI6GU said...

I have never had a DUI. I was given a standard field sobriety test including the breathalyzer and I tested under the legal limit of .08 so they let me go. They would never have had the probable cause to stop me in the first place were it not for Greg Sousa calling in a false report to the police that he was following a drunk driver. Then, as if that weren't enough, Greg made the idiotic move of leaving a message on my answering machine admitting that he made the fraudulent call. That telephone message has been submitted to the Burbank Police and they are now fully aware of this situation and they are advising me on how to proceed.

--James Watkins

Todd Reese said...


The fact you blew a .08 merely states you were driving while under the influence of alcohol, a really stupid and dangerous thing to do.

You got lucky this time Jim, next time maybe you won't be so lucky. Maybe next time it will cost somebody's life before you learn that drinking and driving don't mix.

Think about it. Maybe Greg did you a favor.

Todd Reese

Bluish Farmer said...

I think he stated he blew below .08 - big difference. What's the ol' saying? "With friends like that....." Think about that.

W6EZV said...

If one listens to the recording from the morning of May 12, 2008, then it is quite clear that Jim admits to drinking heavily before his encounter with the Burbank Police Department on April 29, 2008.
By his own account, he drank 48 ounces of beer and a bottle of Jagermeister that night (as he does every night). He went on to say that he never begins drinking before midnight, and he’s always through by 3:00 A.M.
As I have personally observed, a salient feature of Jim’s addiction is that he needs to go to bed immediately after he runs out of alcohol (some of you may have heard him sign of by saying “I gotta go-I GOTTA GO!”), as he feels he needs to fall asleep before the alcohol wears off.
On a few occasions, as the evening ended, he has asked me if I had any booze to share, and only after making sure I did, would he want to come over and hang out for a while. But again, as soon as the booze was gone, so was Jim.
So, given my direct knowledge of Jim’s drinking habits, it was reasonable for me to suspect that Jim was committing a crime when he left Rossiter’s house on the morning of April 29. One only need do the math to see that. Again, he said he drank 48 ounces of beer, and a bottle of Jager (the smallest bottle of Jagermeister available, other than the 40 ml “miniature” is 200 ml, which is the only size I’ve ever seen Jim drink). So, if we figure 1.5 oz per shot, that amounts to four beers and just over four shots (200ml=6.75 fluid oz) in about four hours.
According to the “Alcohol Impairment Chart” published my the California DMV, a person weighing 210 Lbs or more is “Definitely DUI” if they attempt to operate a motor vehicle after drinking 7 or more alcoholic beverages within the space of 4 hours.
Clearly, Jim’s assertion that I made a “false report’ to the police is wishful thinking on his part. It should also be noted that while the probable cause for stopping Jim was provided by me, it was the officer’s decision to administer the field sobriety test, based on that officer’s own observations. The fact that the officer decided to use the portable breathalyzer would indicate that Jim’s performance in the motor skills portion of the test was marginal.
As to the message I left on Jim’s answering machine, only a person in complete denial would interpret that as any sort of admission. What I did say in the recording was that Jim rolls the dice with other people’s lives every time he decides to drive drunk. It should surprise no one that he denies it…he’s a drunk and other people’s lives are of no consequence to him.

Edward Haskell, Esq. said...

Greg, let me see if I understand this correctly. You believe that public service is a God-given duty. So, that's why you decided to tail Jim for a while and then phone in your "findings" to law enforcement? Er, I'm confused, Homes. Why single out Jim? In other words, why not get on 405 or Mulholland and target hispanic drunks on either of those turnpikes? Since ARRL and RACES can't process a merit badge for these activities, as would a local Explorer post, what's the goal here? Citizen arrest? Ham radio heroism? As Ms. Garrett has noted, your tendency to deploy anywhere in the state on the most harebrained schemes has really put you on the map. With this kind of visibility, you don't need a GPS locator.


Anonymous said...

greg is right!

Craig said...

Greg Sousa wrote:

“According to the “Alcohol Impairment Chart” published my the California DMV, a person weighing 210 Lbs or more is “Definitely DUI” if they attempt to operate a motor vehicle after drinking 7 or more alcoholic beverages within the space of 4 hours.”

You mean that brilliant work of fiction? Greg, that so called “Alcohol Impairment Chart” is based on a lot of generalized assumptions. It assumes that everyone has the same blood alcohol partition ratio, that everyone metabolizes and absorbs alcohol the same way. The states want it this way so they don't have the burden of proving some one is at or above some arbitrary BAC value. Measuring a persons BAC through a urine or breath sample is unreliable at best. Blood samples (drawn by qualified medical personnel) is the only way to get a reasonably accurate reading.

I'm amazed that the officer that pulled Jim over let him go. Even if he blew under the arbitrary .08 limit they could STILL arrest him for DUI. It doesn't matter what the BAC reading was, MADD has the level so low that the typical “dinner and a few drinks” is all that's needed to get you popped these days. Either the officer didn't want to hassle with the paper work, or he / she had made their “performance standard” for that month.

It's all about two things, generating revenue and the officer getting a better “job performance” review. More people get injured or die from “distracted” (cell phone, txt messaging, dealing with kids, pets or messing with the stereo, CB or ham radio) drivers than anything else not DUI. The problem drunk drivers are the ones who blow .24 or more, not the dinner and drinks folks. If you want to find out more about the farce of DUI go here...


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