Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Elites

When I came up with the name ‘Elites’, it was with tongue in cheek. In fact, I was thinking of the antonyms of ‘elite’…

Antonyms: common, low-class, lower, lower-class, ordinary, poor, worst…

So, it tickled my soul that they took too the name!

Sure enough, in the time the Elites have been the Elites, they have certainly been common, low class, and the worst.

They have ‘raked me (and many others) over the coals’ on air, times after time, projecting their values upon me. The language and sentiments; such gentlemen!

Recently, Ben Gardner kd7bcw, sent me this email:

The above is humorous. (And I know Ben thought so also) I claim ‘sarcasm’ as a personal trait. It is part of being a survivor, and a writer. It is still one more trait I have cultured and encouraged in myself. I am not ashamed of it, nor embarrassed by it. I do not care who knows that I am sarcastic. I am NOT looking for ‘relief’ from this trait.

On the other hand, the 'core group' of Elites, (a very small group because many Hams will no longer have anything to do with them), composed of white, affluent, old males, should be ashamed and embarrassed with THEMSELVES. Comprised of drunks, egomaniacs, the lonely, fanatics and hangers-on of Art Bell and his money, and dirty (figuratively & literally) old men, they could use some self-examination.


dirty old man

An elderly man that dreams of screwing women between the ages of 15-35, or women who look like they're 15-35. Often stare at their young flesh. They often try to score with them. Usually have to settle with porn or elderly women, unless they are very rich ( check sugar daddy)

dirty old man

A man over the age of 50 who really does screw young women of 25 and younger. Some young women have a secret sexual fixation on much older men and enjoy being 'used' by 'Daddy'. Others appreciate the insight and experience an older man can bring, and how he can groom them. Still others see it as an opportunity to acquire material positions they either could not or would not acquire from a younger man.
dirty old man - a middle-aged man with lecherous inclinations
middle-aged man - a man who is roughly between 45 and 65 years old

They claim the common interest of Amateur Radio. I contend this group of uncouth, dirty old men, would have gravitated to each other in any situation, if for no other reason than to reach out and touch some of Art Bell’s w6obb’s money, and approval, to help fund their prurient interests. Among other things…

I used to respect these men, not so any more! (Many other people have reported the same reaction) In fact, I can find no redeeming actions either as individuals or as a group here.
They are quickly falling to their lowest denominator. I have nothing but disgust for the majority of the ‘Elites’.

Perhaps instead of giving up smoking, they should take up: meditation, church, good deeds, AA, a shrink, or prayers!

I feel sorry for the ‘slap of truth’ that any new SWL will be hit with as they come to grips with the immorality, selfishness, profanity (ki6gu), drunkenness, repressed rage, uneducated, ego-centric, and amazingly judgmental, Elites!


Anonymous said...

Artistically Sarcastic?
Not quite.

Billy said...

Evvy, you must remember that ham radio operators are primarily a self-selected group of losers who are desperately casting about for some way to feel better about themselves. So they fasten upon the idea that ham radio is going to greatly improve their lives, and all the hams they meet tell them what great people hams are. They get their license with this expectation, and then they become very disillusioned when they get on the air and discover that hams have the same failings as everybody else. Then they start claiming that they are a "good" ham, and the hams they don't happen to like are "bad" hams. Riley Hollingsworth and the ARRL encourage them to do this. The idiots have no clue aboutwhat Part 97 requires in order to prove a violation, just as they have no appreciation whatsoever for the Constitution or for due process of law. They think anything they don't like is a violation of Part 97, and if it isn't, it should be, which to them is pretty much the same thing. After all, the law should do what "good people" want it to do, shouldn't it?

The only way that an intelligent person who thinks for himself to have any fun in amateur radio is to totally ignore people like that.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you Billy. I would like to have your input on you have the same feeling I do that Aren will have a accident and fall off the balcony on the ship ? I feel Art got a birth with a balcony just to get rid of her, and the fat couple will keep the kid, who i still doubt Art is the father. Maybe if we are really lucky, the dam boat will sink and take all hands down with it.

Anonymous said...

I guess Tim kc0hlx has not been offended by The Elites site putting him on the second page like he is a nothing.
Tim has been with the group for years and should be on the first page as he deserves the respect.
What say you...Elites?

r. f. burns said...

Don't expect the website to give any special dispensation to long time participants like KC0HLX. After all the site's administrator Scotty K7MIX is a relative newcomer. It appears that Scotty's sole motivation for joining the group is to kiss up to the Lord of the Loop. He has done a good job of it don't you think? Unfortunately his XYL webmistress is not very good at editing basic HTML. She still has the gallery pictures linking to the wrong websites. I personally think the entire format/style stinks (which makes me suspicious that Art had a lot of input as to it's design).

Anonymous said...

r.f. burns, I like the Elites web site. It looks very nice to me. I am not able to construct a site so will keep my opinions to myself on that. If Scotty k7mix has a friendship with Art its his own business. Every friendship has its own common ground for being a friendship and if they agree its fine with me although we on the outside of the loop over the years have been able to see how Art uses people at times.
Hope to see Tim kc0hlx and his Yellow truck on the first page.

Billy said...

"If Scotty k7mix has a friendship with Art its his own business ...although we... have been able to see how Art uses people at times."

HA! A guy who makes his living in the gambling industry, and has not even enough common sense to keep his stupid mouth shut about it but instead BRAGS about it constantly, will obviously have such poor judgment that he won't realize how Art is trying to use him. Probably Scotty thinks Art might do him a favor someday in return. Think again, Scotty! Art never returns favors. He's a taker, not a giver. I don't think you've been paying attention! Ask Jim and Greg. He'll never do anything for you, and will keep insisting that you do things for him, even after he's treated you like shit. His attitude is that you should just be blissfully happy merely because he deigns to permit you to associate with His Bigness.

Get a clue, station!

Anonymous said...

K7MIX rocks! He has a great station, lots of hot chicks and a HOT Bod! WA-HOO!

Mr Right said...

I agree, Scotty has got a class act going, slick website, state of the art radio gear and he seems to get along well with the ladies, something the wingnut can't stay sober long enough to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Gambling Industry, Attorney, no difference. Scotty is good looking, soft spoken and gets along well with the ladies, has a beautiful accomplished wife along with being accomplished himself. I'd say he is doing very,very well.

Anonymous said...

Art is back with his overdone re-verb! Tim's 2 Elite Ham photo's are gone?


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