Friday, April 04, 2008

The First Round Goes to Bill Crowell w6wbj!

On April 2, 2008, an Administrative Law Judge ordered the Enforcement Bureau to answer or object to all of the interrogatories filed by w6wbj. To the extent that they object or fail to answer, he can file a further motion to compel answers.

From the documents I have seen, it seems that the initial confusion that was generated by w6wbj in this filing, was due the procedures of the FCC contradicting themselves, and various people’s interpretations of this dichotomy.

In jest, for a while, Bill Crowell w6wbj was signing his communications as ‘upholding free speech for all hams’. But, it is NOT a joke, anytime anyone upholds freedom, in any sector, on any level, we all benefit.


Billy said...

A high-ranking FCC employee, who is a ham, is sympathetic to my case and wishes to remain anonymous, has told me that the Commission never did fix its mail system after 9-11 and the anthrax scare. Incoming mail has to be irradiated, and often it does not enter the Commission's mail system afterward. However, the FCC staff person with whom I have been speaking denies that this is happening. (He also denies, however, that I've been told 4 different ways to address my papers.)

So far I've been told 4 different ways of addressing my papers when filing by mail, each time to be told it was wrong. Even now, the instructions that the judge gave me during the 4-2-2008 pre-hearing conference are substantially different than the ones the FCC staff man is giving me, yet he claims that he and the ALJ's office agree. I am just going to follow the judge's 4-2-2008 order, as well as the mail service instructions on the Secretary's page of the FCC's website.

It seems that the acid test of whether or not my papers are being filed is whether they are ever entered in the FCC's docket. So far, I think only one of the several pleadings I have filed has been entered therein. The FCC's representative and I agreed to check back in a week to see if any of my other pleadings have made the docket by then.

Anonymous said...

blah, blah, blah....

Billy, haven't you figured out yet NOBODY cares about your personal problems with the FCC?

Why do you insist that the whole world be your personal audience? Are you that insecure?

In fact the majority of the ham population would rather see you and wingnut disappear from the ham bands forever.

Thank god I have a knob that can turn off the radio and the computer.

Anonymous said...

I agree, who the hell cares?

Anonymous said...

It is clearly apparent that Billy's "Interrogatories" is nothing more then 2008 version of his earlier 100 page manifesto that was presented to the FCC and rejected on grounds as being mindless drivel.

Billy said...

If you don't want to hear about my case, then you shouldn't have read the Grudge in the first place. What a couple of snivelers!

Anonymous said...


You must have a GIANT EGO to think
that the average Ham wants to know
about your latest scrap with the FCC.

Inside I think you hate the hobby and are trying your best to cause as much trouble as you can. Did your Daddy beat you? Did your Mother leave you? Something has triggered this hate.

It has been observed that anything that is pro hobby is attacked by you right away. You need help Billy as does your little friend Steve.

Anonymous said...

Billy is angry with everything and everybody in his life. He's demonstrated his disgust on ham radio and on the internet for years.

Billy has serious mental problems that need attention now. You don't have to be a mental health professional to know that it's only a matter of time before his growing anger erupts into a violent physical display.

Anonymous said...

Billy doesn't have problems, it is you the p0aster who is having problems. Wake up and smell the kitty poop station!

Anonymous said...

I wish Billy was my father because then I could get 10 percent off on attorney fees.

Billy said...

Nonsense! I don't have any mental problems! I am totally reality-oriented. I have simply accepted the fact that the FCC no longer wishes the trouble and expense of administering the amateur radio service, and is therefore going to mismanage it so badly that they will have an excuse to merge it with CB and family radio in a few years.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with the eventual hobby radio merger. Ham radio died a long time ago Billy. There is zero profit for companies to produce amateur radio specific products to a specialized customer base that gets smaller every year. You are wasting your time and money pursuing a goal that is only fueled by your own ego and emotional imbalances.

Get over it and move on....

Anonymous said...

I thought amateur radio and CB were the same thing. Aren't they?

Calling Dr Greenthumb said...

Yes, exactly the same. Both involve the use of microphones, opiates and alcoholic beverages. The FCC has determined that the use of mind altering drugs while operating a radio transmitter actually cures certain types of cancer in laboratory rats.

Billy said...

"It is clearly apparent that Billy's "Interrogatories" is nothing more then 2008 version of his earlier 100 page manifesto that was presented to the FCC and rejected on grounds as being mindless drivel."

Interesting point you've raised there, Anonymous. Now, I know you're a good American, and therefore strongly believe in Constitutional due process. Therefore, you must keep an open mind on this issue because it has not yet been finally decided. One of the issues I have raised is whether it represented an abuse of discretion per se for Riley Hollingsworth to have labeled the important points I raised in my Response to his Warning Letters as "irrelevant and frivolous". Please wait for the ALJ's ruling on the issue before forming your opinions. Thank you. de W6WBJ


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