Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Elites New Web Site

Is it going to be functional this year? I mean, HOW many hams does it take to build a website? (Rather reminds you of those old ‘light bulb’ jokes, yes?).

The fact is, their website www.elitehams.com is up, (Bringing Fun Back to Ham Radio) if not yet ‘announced’ or open to the public yet.

Note that they have formally taken the name I gave them and they derisively ‘put down’ night after night after night!

Elite Hams, Produced by k7Mix and designed by synsyn creations, looks slick, but I don't see anything there that isn't on Steve Wingate's w6txh, site i.e. a lightening map, a photo album, links to the receivers, etc. But I guess that as long as it pleases artie...

What they do with this site, and how they maintain it, remains to be seen. With luck, SWL's will be in for a 'ride'.


r. f. burns said...

Wow Evvy, you are very well connected! I see that in their photo gallery all the picture links are screwed up (linking to the wrong places). Hopefully their webmaster / showgirl will figure out HTML programming. Kudos to you for the scoop!

P.S. I was right about it being all dogs, cats, and baby Asia.

Edward Haskell, Esq. said...

Evvy, thanks for the scoop. This may be one of the best Bell-centric sites, anywhere. See, Art is at the center of the universe, and everyone else is in orbit around him, just like the planets. This is a star complex in the very best sense. Synsyn has captured the essence of the post Hale-Bopp frenzy. As we streak across the galaxy, there's "Micai" Gardner, Jim Watkins and dog Scout, and a host of other rogues from late-night ham radio. And Artie appears in a pair of high-top tennies that do the Heavens Gate folks proud. This is web programming of the highest quality. I'm cancelling my New York Times subscription, effective immediately.

Cordially, Ed.

Anonymous said...

One of the greatest Artie Bell ass kiss sites in years.

Anonymous said...

Whats with all this Art Bell suckassing crap ? These people so god dam weak minded they have to build yet another site to pray to their asshole god idle ? To me the site is laid out very sloppy and a copy of other sites. What the hell is go great about the broad who is putting it together ? Looks like a beginners site to me.

Anonymous said...

You ever notice when a station id's that is not a member of the elite group, Art will never, ever respond to the poor sole who is trying to check in to praise the Lord of the Loop ? What a stuck up asshole. Also amusing that the url got out about the site...one of his so called friends screwed over him. I bet it was Jim, but i could be wrong.


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