Saturday, April 05, 2008

Chats, Chats, and more Chats

You could easily spend an hour going though all the current chat sites, see many duplicate pics, read many cross-posted comments, and you would have probably wasted your time.

Newest on the roster is (within the past week), Jim Southwick’s n7js HAMSTREAMS with 10 picture slots and a chat. Jim seemed sure that all ten slots would go ‘to the first takers’ quickly. But there are reports of folks being turned down for picture slots, and as of this writing, there are still two slots available. Lower on the page is HAMSTREAMS ‘one stop chat center’ containing the HamStreams chat, followed by duplicates of w6ezv Greg Sousa’s chat, then Steve Wingate’s k6txh chat. (Though Jim Southwick has protested mightily that HIS site ‘will not be ruled by ham politics’ – notice that HamFanz chat is not there, though I would not have given permission had I been asked. There are also ‘reports’ that Jim felt ‘pressured’ into doing this site. If that is not politics, what is?). I am hoping that this site will eventually stream a LOT of audio, something Jim is so very good at doing.

Almost in the same 24 hours, Greg Souse w6ezv, set up a site and a chat at Unfortunately, all HE did was COPY the defunct 3840aa or Sawyers LateNightHams page. After several days, he has not yet bothered (or figured out how?) to delete all the dead links. (did he get Sawyer’s permission for this ‘copy’?).

Which takes us to 3840aa which was turned into LateNightHams by Sawyer, we assume at Art Bells request, so his ‘phone patch’ callers would have a place to gather and converse. (Here’s what some of the Little Peeps think of the phone patch: There was MUCH brouhaha over the sudden demise of LateNiteHams site. With Art Bell saying that it was Sawyer (who on 3.27.08 posted this statement on the closed site, “This is not fun for me anymore, So I'm done with 'Sawyer' ”. Art Bell sent me copies of the emails Sawyer sent to him regarding closing the site. Sawyer himself verified that he had sent the emails to Art Bell. Oddly enough though, neither Sawyer nor Greg Sousa replied when asked for further comments. While I do not doubt for a moment, that Sawyer chose to take down LateNiteHams (Sawyer is not known for his ‘staying power’); I also do not doubt that there is a ‘story’ behind this ‘story’, that we are not hearing. This does not even touch on some of the ‘comments’ posted on the LateNightHams chat before it closed by SOMEONE with the nic ‘Art’; comments such as: 1) Art Thu 16:35 ...This chat, like on air has turned to poison my guess is it's days are about up. Bye”, and 2) Art Thu 20:49 ...This chat and that site are going down because of people like Greg, Billy, Wingnut and yes Gene who could not help but put stuff up about Wingnut. Bye”

This brings us to the ‘NEW’ LateNiteHams web site and chat. I really do hope it comes off as planned! If they exclude the trouble makers (and you know who you are!), put artie’s ego on hold, get chat software that requires a valid email addie, set up some basic rules, and ‘monitor’ but don’t ‘censor’ it, I think it could be ‘fun’, especially for SWL’s (though they probably will not let moi in!). Isn’t fun what it’s supposed to be about???


Anonymous said...

Just to seperate fact from fiction. Everyone who has requested a spot on hamstreams has received one. In fact, I would even give one to you Evvy in keeping with my pledge of saints to assholes. You are correct that I did not place your chat on my site because as you stated I already knew you would not give permission (I'm a pretty good judge of people's actions) even though you were keen to prostitute my online tuner for dontations, etc. to your site. Aside from all of that - to tell you the truth, there really isn't anything you can do if someone does re-duplicate these public chats on another site....and I do mean public.
As for being pressure into creating the site, this too is not true. However, I am starting to become a true believer that indeed Sawyer "was not having fun anymore" and it had absolutely nothing to do with being pressured. \
73 Jim N7JS

Anonymous said...

That is correct, Sawyer made his own choice. It is very popular to blame Artie for every thing that goes wrong. In my opinion he just does not have that much influence. he is just a easy target.

He has had some success which some people are threatened by because it reminds them of what THEY have NOT DONE.

Bob Jones said...

Sawyer's failed, dweeb-centric experiment yields an important lesson. Chat rooms need to be licensed, just like ham radio. That way, folks like Greg can more easily track people that they disagree with, traveling great distances to set up videographic equipment in front of houses, and then post the findings to the internet. When all is said and done, he can sit back and grow another nappy beard and pretend that he's just a nice daddy, after all. Nuttin' creepy about that.

Billy said...

Yes, I am extremely jealous of Art.

I wish I lived in a trailer in Pahrump rather than in a trailer in Placerville (as we all know, Pahrump is a virtual Eden compared to that armpit Placerville).

And I really should have pursued a degree in Advanced Poppycock rather than in law, because then I could have had REAL success by hosting bullshit shows on the radio and by selling bullshit products to all those credulous listeners.

No question about it; I should have done those things rather than trying to perform needed legal work for people. Then I would have made a lot more money.

I also should have smoked about 3 packs of ciggies a day ever since I was 13. Then I could hand out pictures of myself looking very serious against a dark background, with all my cigarette smoke swirling around, so all my numerous fans would conclude that I am a Deep Thinker.

Last, I wish I had a young Filipina bride with whom I have nothing in common and with whom it is difficult to communicate.

That would indeed be true success!

evvy garrett said...

n7js wrote:
>>>even though you were keen to prostitute my online tuner for dontations, etc. to your site.

It's a tough job, but someone has to do it!

Anonymous said...

I respect your honesty.
Jim N7JS

Dr Feelgood said...

W6WBJ is all about honesty and reality.


Anonymous said...

Dr Feelgood,

You should realize that Mr Crowhole is about to bring Riley Hollingsworth to his bony knees when he exploits the corruption and abuse of the FCC. Even the Bible tells of these days coming.

Anonymous said...

I love a good beer buzz.


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